28 Gate of the Game Player

28 Gate of the Game Player

Oct 26, 2023

We’re heading towards a full moon and partial lunar eclipse. As usual, we’re moving through a lot of energy on a collective and personal level.

We’re dipping into the influence of Gate 28 in the next couple of days, The Gate of the game player. This is the awareness of what is worth taking risks + fighting for. During this time, you might get extra clarity and spice on the fights that really matter to you.

This is the energy to discern what is worth living for. There is a pull to find meaning and develop their individual life purpose.


From Root to Spleen

Starting from the Rootthe center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. 38 Gate of the Fighter is the pressure, the consistent fuel to fight for something.

Connecting to the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. Where 28 Gate of the Game Player is the awareness of what is worth fighting for.

Together they form the 28-38 Channel of Struggle.

The gate of the game player has an instinctive awareness that guides them to fight for something that’s worthwhile, the energy to take risks in order to reach new heights.

It has a personal quest, a constant thirst to find meaning and purpose in its life. They hone themselves through each challenge and struggle they encounter.

Yet the 28 without the 38 might not always have the fuel to channel their fight into one peculiar focus. Feeling a restlessness of wanting to fight for something but not sure about the timing and consistency. You’re here to discern through your strategy & authority on when/what you have energy to fight, to take risks for.


Fear of Death & Shadow Frequencies

As part of the Splenic awareness center, the 28 carries a fear frequency, the Fear of Death. Of life not having a purpose, lacking meaning. In order to move through that fear, it takes risks that others might not. It’s instincts and intuition guiding them on what is safe + aligned for them.

While others might be averse to the risks you take, as long as you’re following your S&A you’ll have what it takes to move through and rise above your challenges. This is how this energy mutates you + the collective.

In the shadow expressions, it might feel pressure to join every fight, take risks for the sake of (trying to prove themselves) addicted to risk taking like gambling, or feeling hopeless about life and not taking any risks out of fear, suppressing their intuition and dreams.


Individual Knowing Circuit

This is part of the Individual Knowing CircuitA deeply melancholic mutative energy that is impulsive at times. While we might not always know if the purpose of what we’re fighting for is truly worth it or if it’ll endure, this is about being grounded as you cultivate trust in yourself and develop your instincts. This is surrendering to the guidance of your inner knowing.

Your individual truth gets developed through periods of melancholy, oscillating between life having no purpose and fear of death. This is raw creative energy waiting to be mutated.

You’re here to find what is meaningful for you, what is worthwhile as you move your personal struggles. And in the process you might inspire others along the way.


Projected and Manifested

It might be no surprise that this is a projected energy. Invitation and recognition before you share will help this land and rally others up to your cause if it’s aligned to them.

The 28 by itself is a projected energy. Your fight is deeply individual, what matters to you doesn’t apply to everyone. But for those who do recognize and invite this in, they will be inspired and transformed as well.

If you have both the 38-28 Channel of Struggle & 57-20 Channel of the Brain wave then it’s all manifested. Informing to others about what you’re fighting for and the action you’re taking will help remove resistance while also pulling the right people in.



The spirit of resilience, purpose + devotion; it’s what makes us human. Starting from the very beginning, focused on survival, conquests to religion, philosophy and arts.

It’s present in everything from love stories, Pixar movies, social movements, freedom fighters to dietary preferences and even healing work. This gate is here to stand up for something, to take risks even when it puts their life on the line. It’s here to be transformed by their cause, by the game they commit to.

“The fact of your death actually gives an edge to your life — putting you under pressure to find your life purpose and to take the risk of following your individual dreams. The amount of life you feel is directly proportionate to your willingness to face the fears that threaten your dreams.”—Richard Rudd


Lesson from Gate of the Game Player

One of the lessons from the 28 is how facing our fears hold the key to freedom. Life is what we make of it but when we’re paralyzed by our own fears, by uncertainty we actually stop living. Instead we confine ourselves to jobs that make us miserable, in relationships that drain us, with people whose values we don’t align with. There is a false comfort in playing it safe.

The 28 shows us that to live is to take risks (aligned). The more we’re able to see behind the veil + what our true motivations are, the more we’re be able to break away from the golden handcuffs we’re tied to. So we can root into what truly matters to us, from how we want to live to what we feel pulled to explore (as opposed to what society + others tell us we should want).

“The Gift of Totality means to embrace the whole of your nature and the whole of life — the pleasure and the pain. To be total in the sense of this Gift also means to live without allowing your mind to dictate your life. This is life lived for the moment, in the full knowledge that life purpose can only be found in the present moment rather than in the distant future.” — Richard Rudd.

“Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone. But with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards and my way of doing things in my art and my music, everything that has made me feel very different…in the end, it has made me the happiest.” – Lindsey Stirling

“By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” – Edwin Elliott


Wisdom of Gate 28

“We are each born with a creative purpose that no other human being carries. If you are to release your true creativity into the world, you must meet your own dark side”—Richard Rudd

The wisdom of this gate is that we all have a purpose that is uniquely ours. We’re not here to live the same lives as one another. While we might influence each another, you have gifts, perspective + purpose that can only be fulfilled by you.

As Human Design emphasizes on, we’re all built differently. Add to that our conditioning, ancestry, family history…How can you build your capacity to face your fears + embrace your unique energetics? What is standing in your way? What is looking to be expressed + move through you? How would your life look like if money/fears/time constraints weren’t holding you back?


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