26 Gate of the Egoist

26 Gate of the Egoist

Dec 12, 2023


We are currently basking in the energy of Gate 26, the gate of the Egoist. This was a fun and tad challenging gate to synthesize. I feel like the way it’s being described in texts doesn’t do it justice…so I guess my 26 decided to share another POV 😉

The energy to influence their community, to convince through their messaging on what will endure and what material resources could be beneficial. The essence behind marketing.

From Spleen to Ego

Starting in the Spleenthe awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. 44 Gate of Alertness holds our ancestral, instinctive memory of what is needed to survive, an instinct of other’s skills, capabilities and how to use them.

Which then connects to the Heart— the motor center for willpower, ego & the material world. Where 26 Gate of the Egoist, is here to manage, manipulate & share the messaging of the 44.

Together they form the 44-26 Channel of Surrender.

Coming from the Ego, a motor center, this gate is here to use it’s will, it’s desire to work + transform their truth into a concrete call to action for their community. It’s an energy focused on being efficient. Here to manage the resources, skills of those around them to achieve maximum reward with the least amount of effort in order to build a better future for themselves and community.

It has the ability to convince and move others towards what they see as useful + effective. Their gift is to play + manipulate the ways in which their messaging can influence, have the most impact.

Yet the 26 without the 44 might not always have the instinct on when, how, what to transmit their message or the people skills to connect.


Community Ego Circuit

This is one of those gates where I feel the name it was given then doesn’t quite reflect it’s true potential and essence now. Egoist by definition is: “limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. Egoistical, self-centered etc”

Maybe I’m bias (it’s one of the gates of my only channel after all) but as part of the Community Ego Circuit it’s here to provide support, on how to survive and work with the resources in the material world together. To help nudge their people towards a better reality.

The salesman archetype is here to make a sale no matter what, but the 26 when grounded, is deeply rooted in improving things around them—for themselves and their community. Motivated by not repeating the past, it’s here to sell a better future.


Stream of Instinct

The Gate of the Egoist is the expression of the Stream of Instinct. Which includes gates 54, 32, 44 and 26.

It’s all about navigating the material world; from the ambition to grow (54) to what will endure (32) along with data + intuitive knowledge of the past (44) and the energy to prevent past mistakes from repeating + change outcomes through manipulation of current resources (26).

The 26’s ultimate focus is to bring an abundance of resources efficiently through work and rest. Yet, this is a projected energy. You might know where the future is heading but unless there is recognition & invitation your message won’t land. Let your people come to you. You’re not here to sell/promote your truth to everyone. In the meantime, ground into your core beliefs & values.


Shadow Expressions

Let’s get something clear though, when we talk about manipulation it’s in terms of messaging, tools, ideas, products with the intention to inspire, to serve a greater good.

This gate channels it’s entrepreneurial spirit into creating solutions and sharing them through a just exchange. This is not intended for manipulating others into doing what we want.

In the shadow expressions, the 26 uses it’s charm and friendliness to take advantage of others. Leveraging guilt, shame and fear to manipulate —as seen in the snake oil salesman archetype. The egoist, serving only themselves, boasting about their accomplishments.


Expressed in

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” —William H. Gass

I see this energy expressed in media, advertising, design, branding, PR, sales representatives, politicians, film makers, the influencer model etc

At the core of the 26, there’s an enthusiasm behind what they share and believe in. They’re curious about human patterns and behaviors. It’s important for this gate to embody and fully believe in what they’re selling. Because when they share their truth, it will pull in the right people to build with. The opposite is also true, when they’re selling something they don’t believe in or with the intention of taking advantage, others will feel that too.

“The 26th Gift celebrates your ego, without self-judgement and in full awareness. When this Gift awakens, you realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with pride. Pride is simply a low frequency word for the same energy that can be called Artfulness. When you learn how to use pride creatively, it becomes something powerful and even beautiful. The 26th Gift loves attention. It is designed to draw attention. This Gift is about the love of selling something to someone — whether a product, yourself, or a truth. The 26th Gift represents the love of marketing — of dressing something up so that others will buy into it. In order to sell a product or a truth, you have to put yourself in the limelight. You have to embrace the energy of pride and ego that lies within all humans and use it in the service of your higher purpose. The 26th Gift includes natural-born shrewdness. Through this Gift, you can use the power of your ego to deliver your message. To do so, you must fully embrace it. —Richard Rudd


Lesson of the Gate 26

One of the lessons from this gate is about being able to accomplish more with less, to use our energy in an efficient and sustainable way.

Remember, the Heart center is a motor designed to work and rest. It wants to bring in more ease and abundance in our lives. Balancing between how much they work + recharging through rest.

If you have an undefined heart, you might not always have the energy to balance. Check-in with your body and your S&A for extra guidance.

If you have a defined heart, your will can probably move mountains but make sure you’re carving plenty of time/space to disconnect + nourish yourself. Specially if Sacral is also undefined.


Wisdom of the Gate of the Egoist

The Wisdom of the 26 can be seen in Ego death, where we no longer see ourselves as separate from each other. In a way, nothing matters so everything does…

“The 26th Gene Key, as we have seen, carries the quality of ego within it and is adept at marketing. At the siddhic level, these gifts are played with for the sole purpose of Divine fun. These people will use whatever faculties they possess to transmit their sense of love for creation. From their vast understanding of the language of the universal quantum field, they may create extremely complex teachings just to lure the mind through its addiction to finding answers. Whatever tricks, shortcuts and wormholes they use to draw you in, they do so to draw your attention to a higher truth — that nothing really matters. Nothing can alter consciousness. To truly integrate this simple truth is to realise that all human life is essentially meaningless. But this meaninglessness does not detract from the wonder of existence; rather it enhances the beauty around us. Above all, it leaves us alive to play.”—Richard Rudd


Share your Reflections

A client of mine was curious about my chart, they were convinced that I had the 17-62 because of my ability to synthesize and breakdown Human Design concepts.

I actually have a completely open Crown and Ajna 🙂 The more I look into my chart, the more I see the energy of my 44-26 Channel of Surrender show up.

So much of my 26 has been expressed through the way I organize data, specially right now sorting complex Human Design knowledge into graphics that are digestible and resonant with my truth. In fact, that’s also influenced by the wisdom/challenges of my open crown and ajna!

Perhaps that’s also why my writing inspire and at times even trigger others (along with other parts of my design of course). My 26 is located in my personality moon. It grounds me to organize, to use my graphic design skills to help things make sense 😅.

That’s probably why I was initially pulled into Graphic Design & Advertising as a career. I see how powerful effective communication can be. It can inspire people to care about causes no one knew about, it can rally masses together. Design can create awareness, inspire action, trigger change & empower people.

But the thing is, back in my advertising days I couldn’t sell even if my life depended on it. I didn’t believe or care about the projects we worked on, I wasn’t aligned with big corporations who were more focused on profit over people. So I never believed that I had that skill.

To my surprise, when I passionately cared about a cause, a tool, a book, a movie, Human design…it got people’s attention. Friends, family, friends of friends started seeking me out and suddenly more recognition and invitations started to trickle in 🥹


Exploring Further

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here.

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