Book Review: A Modern Guide to Human Design

Book Review: A Modern Guide to Human Design

Dec 8, 2023


When I first started learning about Human Design, I devoured countless books and blogs right away; desperate to peel all the layers of my chart and those around me (if you’re here, I’m sure you can relate 🙋🏻‍♀️)

And Rachel’s blog from Pure Generators was one of the resources I referred to often. So when she reached out wondering if I’ll review her new book A Modern Guide to Human Design, you bet it was a loud splenic yes 😉

Of course it took a bit of time; between moving, travelling and family events in the past couple of months but I’m so excited to finally share my thoughts on this book.


Easy to digest

First of all, one of the reasons I gravitated and resonated with Rachel’s writing is because of her ability to break down complex concepts in a simple and direct way.

Because let’s face it, learning about our Human Designs is not a piece of cake. It’s like picking up a whole other language. There are so many synthesis and translations out there, I think it’s important to find the ones you resonate with and feel pulled to. For me, her style of writing feels accessible and digestible. Specially for such a dense, rich and complex topic.

A Modern Guide to Human Design is a great resource for those who are just learning about their designs. It offers a pretty thorough breakdown of each type, strategy, authority, profiles, variables along with centers, gates and channels.


Keynotes & Examples

In each section, she shares some keywords to describe the energetics she’s breaking down. Rachel also includes reflection prompts and real life examples to further solidify the concepts. I love me some real life examples!

In addition to examples she also shares practical ways of experimenting and shifting these energies.



Stunning Visuals & Graphs

As someone who is obsessed with infographics, this book also has the most vibrant charts + beautiful data visualization.

We all learn differently and sometimes it might take a couple of times and see things presented in different formats for us to fully take in and retain information, my easily distracted open Crown and Ajna totally appreciated that!



High Quality Book

Ok, so this is more from a graphic design lens and probably coming from all the Venus placements in my chart 😅 but I loveeeeee how this book was designed.

The size of this cute little coffee book is roughly 7×9 inches. It’s hard cover, not too big or clumsy to hold. It has a nice solid weight to it and specially considering how often we might pick it up and flip through the pages, this is printed on a nice thick paper stock so it won’t break easy.

There’s a nice contrast between the text and paper. The colours are fun and vibrant adding to friendly and easy to digest vibes.



Final thoughts

Overall, this is a great comprehensive introduction to the world of Human Design. It helps you set a nice foundation of how the different mechanics and auras work along with the subtle nuances that differentiate each.

This is not only a great guide for beginners but also such a useful tool for current or Human Design guides in training. I pick it up and flip through it before a session to refresh on some concepts as well 🙂

Although at this point in my journey, there were parts where I wished she dived in a little deeper into the concepts she shared but then, that would be a whole different book. It would be too much to even try to fit in! Because again, there are many layers to this and who knows, maybe that’s her next book…

Most importantly, like Rachel shares throughout her book, a big part of Human Design lies in the experimentation, in the embodiment part.

It takes time for all this information to fully sink in and the magic of learning about our designs will continue to unravel for the rest of our lives (as long as that feels expansive and fun for you). Go watch those who share about their designs, be discerning of everything you read, be open, be curious and perhaps the most important thing of all—well, for me at least—is to have fun.

Don’t take our word for it, go play and try things out. Because at the end of the day, you can’t think your way through embodiment 😉 (trust me I’ve tried)

Human Design is not another box to contain yourself. Let this be part of your toolbox in supporting the expression of who you are and what you need to thrive.


Looking for more resources?

Have you read this book? Would love to hear your thoughts or other HD books you’ve enjoyed.

If you would like to hear more about other Human Design resources and books, let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I only endorse and share things I’ve personally tried or use, this page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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