5 Gate of Fixed Rhythms

5 Gate of Fixed Rhythms

Dec 4, 2023


We’re currently sampling Gate 5, the gate of Fixed Rhythms. This is the energy of repetition & consistency to attune to personal rhythms. Also known as the pulse of life, the gate for routines, nature’s tempo and rituals.

I don’t have this gate active in my chart but it is an electromagnetic with my husband. It can be quite destabilizing connection at first. (I’ll share more about this at the end!)

The 5 Gate of Fixed Rhythms is the energy of repetition & consistency to attune to personal rhythms. Also known as the pulse of life, the gate for routines, nature and rituals.


From Sacral to Identity G

This gate enjoys and needs the stability of fixed tempos and rhythms in order to ground into themselves. It gains stability by honouring their personal flow and helps generate a rhythm for others around them.

Coming from the Sacral—the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. 5 Gate of Fixed Rhythms is represented through routines, rituals and personal patterns.

Connecting to the Identity G—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. Connecting to 15 Gate of Extremes, the love for humanity, fluidity, extremes and variety.

Together they form the 5-15 Channel of Rhythm.

The Gate of Fixed Rhythms is the Sacral’s life force + motor in establishing a pattern through repetition and consistency.

In fact, if you have this gate active you might notice that you have certain types of routines and rituals that help guide + orient you every day. There is a certain ‘fixedness’ in your habits. Like having the same thing for breakfast no matter where you’re at, going for a walk after dinner, working out in the morning etc.

Yet the 5 without the 15 might be too fixed, rigid in their routines. Not open to adapting or inflexible to change.


Collective Understanding Circuit & Generated

The 5 is part of the Collective Understanding Circuit, you’re deeply tapped into the larger tempo that connects us all + rhythms in nature. You have the ability to influence those around you with your stability, tethering us to the collective and our own natural + seasonal flows.

This is a generated gate, there is a stillness, a surrender with this energy. It’s here to cultivate presence and patience in between doing. It’s about coming back to the essence of being. Your rituals + practices help you attune, connect and ground into your inner compass. Along with the guidance of your Strategy & Authority, nourishing your Sacral as it waits on the next thing to respond & pour itself into.


Shadow Expressions

Even though this gate is here to consistently lean into the repetition of it’s own patterns and habits, it’s also important that it doesn’t close itself off to rigidity. We’re always changing, the world around us is changing. The collective consciousness is going through deep transformation, so naturally, you will too. Fixedness does not mean you stay the same, there will be times that certain habits or practices no longer nourish you the same way, how can you be open to updating said routines or releasing the ones that no longer support you?

In the shadow expressions, the 5 might not trust in it’s own personal timing, rushing itself + pushing to make things happen or trying to be overtly open/spontaneous like the 15. They’re disconnected from their personal pulse & flow.


Expressed in

You can see Gate 5 beautifully expressed in the diversity in nature and our daily lives. The sun sets + rises everyday, our calendars, the moon’s phases, women’s monthly + men’s 24hr cycle, the 4 seasons in nature etc.

“Patience is about Trust. These two words have very similar meanings. If you trust in life, you will trust life in every moment, even the challenging moments, and in so doing you will always remain in the flow. As you live your life you may notice many rhythms all around you and it is the underlying presence of these rhythms that makes you feel stable. The most obvious annual rhythm can be seen in the shifting of the four seasons. If you are inwardly quiet, the passage of the seasons will make a very powerful impression within your psyche. It tells us some very deep truths — that spring always follows winter, for example. In your daily life you will experience periods of winter where resources may be scarce, where you may feel lost for a while, or when you simply feel melancholy for no apparent reason. Such stages are built into life, and if you are patient they change of their own accord and they always reveal some magic.” —Richard Rudd


Lesson from Gate of Fixed Rhythm

One of the lessons from Gate 5 is to trust in your personal tempo, in whatever you need to feel deeply rooted and in flow with life.

Your needs are going to be unique to you (regardless of having this gate active or not). But specially for this gate, how you start and end your days is crucial for your well-being and health. What are some routines that help you prepare for the day? What helps you unwind?

If you have a defined Sacral, what are some practices that feel deeply + satisfying for your body?

If you have an undefined Sacral, what are some practices to release what you’ve amplified throughout the day? Give yourself time to slow down and unwind before bed.


Wisdom of Gate 5

The wisdom of the gate of fixed rhythms can be found in divine timing. Everything happens at it’s own time. We can’t rush, we can’t control when something will happen but we can be in tuned with our own needs, personal cycles + patterns.

Do you feel pressured to act, move because of outside responsibilities + conditioning? How can you balance between the those expectations to show up along with ways to show up & tend to yourself?

“If you attempt certain things at the right time, they are easy to accomplish. In fact, they almost get done by themselves. If you undertake them before the time is right, not only will they fail, but they will often become impossible to accomplish even when the time is right.” —Francesco Guicciardini

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”—Lao Tzu


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 5 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

I have the 15 Gate of Extremes (4/6 Splenic Projector) while my husband has the 5 Gate of Fixed Rhythms (3/5 Sacral Generator) and this electromagnetic was made obvious during the pandemic. My 15 needed diversity and flexibility in my days vs. my husband’s 5 which needed routine and rituals to ground.

I was trying to adapt to him and he was trying to adapt to me. Both of us were exhausted in trying to keep up with the other.

It wasn’t until we recognized how different we were that we were able to find and create our own kind of rhythm that allowed for flexibility and also consistency.

We’ve recently moved and have had a lot of family events one after another. I can see how destabilizing it’s been for him. But with the influence of the 5 right now, I see how this extra boost is guiding him towards his grounding practices once again.

I’ve learned how powerful it can be to have some sort of ritual to orient ourselves and at the same time, with my 15, the importance of releasing/updating them when they no longer serve us.

Perhaps you’re in a time of transition, perhaps you’re in a different cycle in your life… maybe your fixedness is the same approach but the how can look slightly different 😉


Exploring Further

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