9 Gate of Focus

9 Gate of Focus

Dec 1, 2023


The Gate of Focus is the Sacral’s ability to focus and comb over logical details as it breaks down patterns, nuances and variations.


From Sacral to Root

Starting in the Sacral— the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. 9 Gate of Focus, is the life force energy response on what details to focus and sort through.

Reaching towards the Root—the center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. Where 52 Gate of Stillness, provides the energy to be still, to concentrate + channel that focus.

Together they form the 9-52 Channel of Concentration.

This gate feels an immense pressure to focus, to concentrate and go deep into something. It has the ability to unravel complexity and thrives as it is absorbed in the intricacy of whatever they’re focused on and looking to explore.

It’s not here to multi-task though, it’s a focused energy that’s here to concentrate on one thing at a time. This allows them to properly weave through the details and see what others don’t.

Yet the 9 without the 52 might not always have the power to stay still enough to focus. Instead feeling overwhelmed by distractions (sounds, environment, noise from undefined centers etc) It needs to wait for the right timing along with the guidance of their Strategy & Authority.


Shadow Expressions

As part of the 9-52 Formatting channel, the Gate of Focus, is here to power the Collective Understanding Circuit. This is a logical circuit that’s here to distill and break down the existing patterns in the collective; in order to bring forth a better pattern or instill a new one. It’s here to experiment, to distill something over and over again so it can build a logical, thorough & comprehensive understanding on any specific topic/expression they feel pulled towards.

In the shadow expressions, it might get too tunnel/hyper focused in the details that it misses the bigger picture, getting too overwhelmed + paralyzed by details to start or feeling scattered doing everything for the sake of but nothing that actually nourishes or matters them (make work).


Collective Understanding Circuit & Generated

This gate is great at catching things that other miss. It enjoys basking & getting lost in details. It can see how interconnected everything around them is. As a collective energy it’s here to be moved + shared with others. It’s not an energy that’s meant to be applied inwards to dissect yourself or your life.

Without the stillness of the 52 you might feel a big energetic build up and not know how/when to unleash it. Resulting in hyperactivity, feeling scattered and restless. Which is why learning about your own pulse, process and personal cycles is crucial—regardless of your design. Do you have a defined/undefined Root? Is your Head center defined/undefined? Is your gate 9 in a defined or undefined Sacral? How do you respond and relate to external pressure?

All of these other moving pieces of your design matters because it’ll influence your timing & how you best process, hold + release these energies.

There’s also the importance of tending to our bodies, sensitizing to our needs and capacity. Remember, we don’t get to control our energies or timing; you can’t just focus and hash out details whenever you want.

Learning to recognize the cues for when to rest, what our body needs can help ground us— so we’re not just reacting and overextending ourselves. What do you easily get distracted by? What can be too stimulating? This is generated, it’s life force motor that gets activated through response along with your S&A.

“The 9th Shadow, the Taming Power of the Small refers to the human tendency to become submerged in unnecessary and irrelevant details. Most human beings live lives where they simply get by, lives in which they become victims of all the details around them. At the higher frequencies, you tame the small by applying your energy only to that which serves your higher purpose. At the Shadow frequency however, the details tame you, sapping your life force, robbing you of your enthusiasm (the 16th Gift and programming partner of the 9th Gene Key) and eventually pulling you into the common human state of inertia and indifference (the 16th Shadow).”—Richard Rudd


Wisdom of Gate of Focus

The wisdom from Gate 9 is that details matter, it’s in everything we do and at the same time there’s a surrender required. How refreshing to see the difference between the shadow and gift frequency comes from within, from your intention and how you are. Because that’s where everything starts.

Everything is neutral until it moves through us, influenced by our approach + motivation. Just because you can see the details does not mean you get to control all of them or the outcome. How can you relax into curiosity + wonder? How can you allow yourself to be pulled by the beauty of details without succumbing to the pressure to have to address/control every single one?


Lesson from Gate 9

One of the biggest lessons from the Gate of Focus is about timing, knowing what to focus on and when.

We live in a society driven by instant gratification, convenience and urgency. How can we spend the least amount of time to get the maximum reward? While it has created more accessibility in our lives, accelerated the way we connect to each other, communicate and express ourselves it has also created a false sense of urgency. We’re always running around as if we’re behind…but not everything is urgent. Are we getting lost in details that don’t matter? In details we have no control over? How can we create more presence in the now? What are the things we can focus on to feel more grounded and in tune with ourselves?


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 9 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

Exploring Further

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  1. Great post! I have gate 9, both in my conscious and unconscious Uranus, in a defined Sacral pointing towards a completely open Root. I can definitely resonate with the restlessness and scatteredness, and not knowing where to focus my energy, and succumbing to external pressure and urgency. Funnily enough, I have noticed recently, with 52 having been defined, I’ve
    had a lot more staying power with some of the things I want to get done. I’ve had a lot more focus and felt more still in my body. I’m realising how important it is to attune to my inner guidance and use that for discernment. Curious to hear what comes up for you for Uranus in gate 9 in line 1. ☺️