11 Gate of Ideas

11 Gate of Ideas

Dec 19, 2023


We’re in the last couple of hours of Gate 11’s influence, the gate of Ideas. Apologies for the delay, there was a sudden family death and the past few days have been a haze, a blur…funny how grief can feel so intense and numb at the same time.

Today, I finally woke up with some energy and space to write.

So, the 11 Gate of Ideas is where possibilities become ideas. Where our ideals, beliefs are string together based on our memories.


From Ajna to Throat

The energy to stimulate and sort realizations, wisdom into ideas, stories, metaphors & concepts to be shared with the collective. It’s not concerned about facts rather the feeling their ideas stir up and convey. It’s a visual gate, connected to the left eye.

Starting with the Ajna—the cognitive awareness center for processing; the 11 Gate of Ideas conceptualizes possibilities into ideas & beliefs.

Which then reaches towards the Throat—hub for communication, expression & action. Where 56 Gate of Stimulation, gathers all the ideas into stories to be shared with others

Together they form the 56-11 Channel of Curiosity.

This gate is constantly skimming through a variety of possibilities, new ways to approach and see something. It’s the gate of metaphors. It loves to talk about their ideas and hear about others. It’s how this gate gets stimulated and moves that mental energy.

But this is simply awareness, it doesn’t mean you’re here to act on every idea or that it’s always going to be well received by others. This is also where our belief systems and ideals formulate.

Yet Gate 11 without the 56, the direct connection to the throat, they may not always have the energy to eloquently express those ideas. They’ll often feel the pressure to share but learning about their proper timing & with who to share with is an important part of the process.


Collective Sensing Circuit

Our mind can be a beautiful outer authority and guidance for others. But, like all gates from the mind, this is a projected energy. Even if you have the best ideas and solutions, they won’t land or have much effect without the proper recognition and invitation.

As part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, your ideas are here to be a source of inspiration and authority for others and not necessarily to be applied to solve your personal conflicts & dilemmas. How can you let your insights inspire you without pressuring for an outcome? How can you lean onto other parts of your design to support yourself?

What are some places, people and platforms where you can freely share your fascinations and interpretations with others?


Fear of Darkness

Being in the Ajna center, the 11 carries a fear frequency, a mental anxiety. Fear of darkness, of emptiness and not having new ideas to ponder and explore. Of being uninspired and having nothing to share with others.

Let inspiration come to you. Find places/people that see you + are able to receive this energy, it’s an important component in moving this mental pressure. This is an abstract, cyclical energy. It’s influenced by your experiences as you make sense of the past.

Shadow Expressions

In the shadow expressions, the 11 tries to force their ideas to “fix themselves” or feel pressured to act on every idea even when their S&A is telling them otherwise. They might overly identify with their beliefs and close themselves off.


Expressed in

“People whose minds are a continual font of changing ideas, most of which are never intended to manifest”—Richard Rudd

I see this energy expressed in think tanks, philosophy, conspiracy theories, true crime investigations, mindset work, belief systems etc

Now, while ideas are here to inspire, to show different perspectives and possibilities, they’re also just that. They’re here to evolve along with our consciousness + understanding of the world. Some ideas become outdated with time, some might lead to a revolution…

How can you surrender to the flow of inspiration and fascination while releasing the pressure to act on all of them? How can you cultivate trust, that your S&A will guide you on what’s meant for you to act on?


Lesson from Gate 11

“The mind is everything. What you think you become”—Buddha

One of the lessons from the Gate of Ideas is to not to be overly identified with your beliefs. Your beliefs are subjective. They are based on the lens of your personal experiences + what you knew then + how you felt in them. It’s a story we have about ourselves. It’s a truth (because our experiences are valid) but not the whole truth. When we overly identify with our beliefs, we close ourselves from seeing the bigger picture.

So much of mindset work taps on precisely that, how our beliefs often shape how we experience the world and see ourselves. What beliefs are no longer supporting you or perhaps even holding you back? Find someone to safely help you hold space while you unpack those beliefs.


Wisdom of Gate of Ideas

Wisdom of the 11 is that we can’t fully embrace our light without embracing our darkness as well.

That the light is only to be found within the darkness is the greatest of mysteries. To the being within this Siddhi, nothing is obscured and no one can hide. Everything is now measured in terms of light and frequency and it is quite clear who is authentic and who is simply pretending.

For the being that attains the 11th Siddhi, light is everything. They appear enrobed in light because that is all they can see. If they become teachers, which is more than likely given their understanding of the mind, they continually reflect their own light but at the same time guide others into their own darkness.

A great irony of those who understand the pure light of the 11th Siddhi is that they actually appear to lead people directly away from the light in order to draw them closer to that light. The one who brings this Siddhi into the world brings a vision of the true future of all humanity. In travelling back to the beginning of time in their consciousness, such people see the underlying fulfilment of evolution all around them.” —Richard Rudd


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 11 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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