38 Gate of the Fighter

38 Gate of the Fighter

Jan 5, 2024

Known as the gate of the warrior. This energy thrives and stretches itself when it’s in the face of the odds. This is the pressure to fight for something.


From Root to spleen

This is the fuel to fight and stand up for a cause in order to grow and reach new heights. It’s also one of the gates of deafness, here to fight for what’s meaningful to them.

Starting from the Rootthe center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. 38 Gate of the Fighter is the pressure, the consistent fuel to fight for something.

Connecting to the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. Where 28 Gate of the Game Player is the awareness of what is worth fighting for.

Together they form the 28-38 Channel of Struggle

The gate of fighter is the energy of the individual to stand up for what they believe in. They’re constantly searching for a meaning and purpose in their lives. Through their quest, they transform themselves, develop their skills and have the capacity to inspire others. It’s here to go towards what that moves them deeply; sometimes that puts them against the status quo, defying conventions & outdated ideologies.

Yet the 38 without the 28 might not always have the awareness to discern what is actually worth taking risks for. It’s simply fuel to fight, the 28 gives it a focus. You’re here to discern through your strategy & authority on when/what you have energy to fight, to take risks for.


Stream of Intuition

The 38 is the fuel for the Stream of Intuition. Streams represent the pathway of energy where we get to see the theme of how each gate + channel connects to one another. Along with the specific role they play in how they receive, transform and express energy.

The Stream of Intuition, consisting of Gates 38, 28, 57 & 20 is the individual’s search + fight for purpose guided in their intuitive awareness and truth. It sits opposite to the Steam of Emoting (39,55, 22 & 12)

  • Starting from the Root, the 38 Gate of the Fighter provides the pressure to find purpose and meaning in life. It’s here to stand up and fight for something.
  • Which then connects to 28 Gate of the Game Player in the Spleen, the center for fears + intuitive awareness. It’s the potential of what is worth fighting for and the energy to stay & struggle.
  • Then the 57 Gate of Intuitive Clarity, rooted in the individual’s inner knowing, is attuned to what is safe, what is healthy and good for them from moment to moment. It’s the individual’s splenic guidance sorting through possibilities on what is right + safe for them.
  • To finally reaching the Throat to the 20 Gate of Now, the center for expression & transformation. The potential for getting clarity through action, expressing what’s intuitively safe and role modelling authenticity. It’s the expression & action of the individual’s truth.


Individual Knowing Circuit & Channel Type

This is part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, a deeply creative & impulsive energy. It goes through bouts of melancholy over not knowing what is worth fighting for. It’s part of the process, where this tenacious energy is tested through each fight no matter how big or small, that’s how it hones & empowers itself to get clarity. They need and enjoy a good fight.

Although the struggle is individual it’s also mutative, those around them will be influenced & transformed as a side effect. The 38 by itself is a projected gate, recognition and invitation before sharing is important. If you have the whole stream, meaning both the 38-28 + 57-20 channels together then it becomes manifested. Informing will help remove resistance and pull in those aligned to your cause.


Shadow Expressions

Coming from the Root, there is a lot of stress, adrenaline pressure build up. When it’s not channeled properly or without an outlet it could build up, leading to fighting anyone/everyone for the sake of.

In the Shadow Expressions, the 38 unleashes that pressure mindlessly on the people closest to them, they may be always in the defensive and confrontational, not taking care of their bodies or turning it inwards, fighting themselves, giving up and repressing this energy.

The 38 doesn’t have any awareness. It’s simply here to get into action. It’s important for this gate to have healthy & sustainable outlets to move, process and channel this energy.


Lesson from Gate 38

One of the lessons from the gate of the fighter is to learning to tune into your inner guidance, your strategy and authority. Not every battle is for you to step into.

You have an incredible power and resilience yet learning to discern what is worth fighting for will help you move this energy in a more sustainable way long term. Being aware of what triggers you, what frightens, inspires & brings you joy will help you notice the motivation behind your fights. Are you fighting for the sake of? Are you committing to a cause out of pressure of your environment or your mind? Or is this coming from your Strategy & Authority, a deep place of inner knowing? What are some physical activities that will help you move this energy daily?

“The only difference between the 38th Shadow and the 38th Gift is the nature of the fight. You have only to find the right fight, and your whole experience of this Gene Key changes. As you pour your heart, body and soul into a fulfilling fight, it ceases to be a struggle. Here you learn the difference between meeting obstacles and fighting resistance. Resistance is what occurs when you are pushing against the universal flow and is a hallmark of all the Shadow states. Obstacles, however, are natural to the rhythm of life. Obstacles test your commitment and surrender, allowing you to forge new skills and hone your excellence. Obstacles are always gifts in disguise. The 38th Gift is designed for obstacles — in fact it loves them. If you are someone with the 38th Gift in your genetic profile, every obstacle is a wonderful and vital opportunity to feel more alive and to fulfil your higher destiny.”—Richard Rudd


Wisdom of Gate of the Fighter

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”—Mary Anne Radmacher

When we’re rooted in what’s important for us and move from this centered place we have the capacity to not just transformed ourselves but also those around us. I see this energy radiating through all of us, from the smallest act of sharing about causes that are important to us to taking action, fighting for ourselves & others.

This is how change happens, one action, one step at a time. The wisdom from this gate is that there is no fight too small. When you’re standing up from an aligned place, every act of rebellion matters. Freedom fighters, activists, protests or simply the quiet acts of living up to your values, the behind the scenes also create a ripple effect.

“As with the 39th Gift, the 38th Gift has a strong link with the archetype of the warrior. In the modern world, the path of the warrior is not what it used to be. All kinds of new domains have appeared where this Gene Key is now played out. There are warriors in the business world, warriors in government and education as well as in the sciences and arts. Wherever there is a fight for a higher purpose especially against insurmountable odds, there you will find the 38th Gift stretching itself to its limits. Where the 38th Shadow is always fighting out of fear, and usually for survival, the 38th Gift fights for love.”—Richard Rudd

“A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.


Share your reflections

The 38 is my design earth in line 6. It grounds me to have something to fight towards. And this “fight” has changed so much between my first 30 years and now.
Ever since I was young, I’ve been giving myself a purpose, looking for meaning in what I do and how. It never mattered what others would say or try to suggest…I simply wanted to do what felt right for me 😅.
I think my way of fighting though, has mainly been a quiet fight.
I’m not a confrontational person (undefined solar plexus here) and my approach has always been “you do you, I’ll do what’s right for me”. It took me many jobs, identities to refine what I was fighting for.
This subtle energy has been such a driving force in the work that I do (along with my 14) my energy naturally gravitates towards improving, helping and serving others.
I have to pour my energy in something that feels meaningful to me otherwise my life force would be drained out of me (also personality sun in the collective gate 48 + 4/6 profile).
It’s also in my undefined root, amplifying that external pressure have lead me to burnout in the past. Specially without the 28, I didn’t necessarily knew what/how to fight for at times.
Learning to recognize this root pressure and incorporate some movement in my days have helped tremendously in managing this energy.
My husband on the other hand has the full 38-28 Channel of Struggle. His 38 is his personality Sun and in line 3.
He thrives when he’s up against a challenge. His Sacral literally lights up to be able to problem solve and defy the odds (3/5 here too)
Sometimes I would hear about his problems at work and my usual responses will be exhaustion and also wondering if it’s worth it… With his 28, he actually has the ability to discern which fights are worth fighting for him and which ones aren’t. Of course, 38 being in line 3, there’s some experimenting and testing along the way! With a defined root he’s also operating in his own pulse and timing.

Do you have Gate 38 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.


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