58 Gate of Vitality

58 Gate of Vitality

Jan 1, 2024



From Root to Spleen

The energy of vitality moving through us; from seeing the wonder in nature, artistic expressions to the little things that brings us awe.

Starting from the Rootthe center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. 58 Gate of Vitality is the pressure to see the beauty, the joy of life along with what could improve.

Connecting to the Spleen—the awareness center for instinct, intuition, fear & the immune system. Where 18 Gate of Correction brings the awareness of what patterns can be corrected, improved or changed.

Together they form the 58-18 Channel of Judgement.

The 58 feels an immense pressure to point out what brings them joy and what lights them up. Sharing their joie de vivre with those around them in the process. Coming from the Root center, it’s a motor powered by adrenaline, stress and momentum.

Similar to 18, the Gate of Correction, the gate of vitality is motivated by perfection. It sees the world through rose coloured lens & all the ways things could be even better. Dancing between dissatisfaction and satisfaction. It sees beauty in the now and ways that can blossom, grow towards perfection.

Yet the 58 without the 18 might not always have the awareness of what is worth correcting or focusing on. As well as the when and ways to channel this energy sustainably.


Stream of Taste


The 58 is the fuel for the Stream of Taste. Remember, streams is the pathway of energy where we get to see the theme of how each gate + channel connects to one another. Along with the specific role they play in how they receive, transform and express energy.

The Stream of Taste, consisting of Gates 58, 18, 48 & 16 is the logical energy that is future oriented + focused on correcting, updating patterns in the / for collective. It’s opposite to the Stream of Feelings (41,30,36 & 35) which is all about entering into new experiences to learn from.

  • Starting from the Root, the 58 Gate of Vitality provides the fuel to test the viability of current logic, patterns, flow and systems. It’s here to point out, to appreciate what is radiant, vital and working.
  • Which then connects to 18 Gate of Correction in the Spleen, the center for fears + intuitive awareness. It’s the potential, to filter out what is worth correcting. It’s here to spot what’s weak and rotten.
  • The 48 Gate of Depth, the other side of the Spleen, comes up with all the possibilities and solutions on how to correct and improve a pattern. It’s here to provide new possibilities, theories, hypothesis’ to be tested upon.
  • To which finally, the 16 Gate of Skills, going through the Throat, the center for transformation & expression puts the new improved patterns into practice over and over again. It’s here to experiment, to enforce new patterns / solutions / flow / systems.


Collective Understanding Circuit & Channel Type

The 58 is flavoured by dissatisfaction; it fuels and creates pressure for us to get into action, to create more satisfaction, to grow and correct. Yet, this stress to improve continuously is not meant to be turned inwards towards ourselves, our lives or to the people around us. This belongs to the collective circuit after all, the impulse to serve, to contribute for and with the collective.

The 58 by itself or only with the 18 is projected. Recognition from others and invitation will ensure your shares, your ideas are better received.

If you have the whole stream, both the 58-18 Channel of Judgment + the 48-16 Channel of the Wavelength together, then this energy becomes manifested (Root motor going straight to throat). Informing about what you see wrong, what can be improved and how, before sharing will remove resistance and attract those who can collaborate with you to enforce a new pattern.


Shadow Expressions

“It is extraordinary to consider that our search for fulfilment creates and compounds the very stress it seeks to end. This is precisely how evolution operates — it makes us miserable, and in our quest to end our misery we unwittingly evolve.”— Richard Rudd

In the shadow expressions, the 58 nitpicks everything/everyone around them, unable to experience joy, focusing only on what’s wrong. Letting dissatisfaction dictate their choices, relationships and moods. Turning this energy inwards, judging themselves and even the people around them. Continuously finding things to improve and work on. Where dissatisfaction leads them further from themselves.

But like every single gate, the gift + the shadow emerge from the same place. When you’re able to face your dissatisfaction, finally confront what’s underneath, you’ll be able to see that vitality was within you all along.


Lesson from the Gate 58

This gate can be felt as a pressure to experience joy, which might not sound too bad at first but what happens when joy comes with attachments, preconceived notions and expectations? I think one of the biggest lessons from this gate is our capacity to hold space for our joy in the now, as is.

We’re not talking about toxic positivity nor gaslighting ourselves into only feeling the “good” + burying what’s uncomfortable. This is about allowing your joy to blossom when it wants to, acknowledging the little things even and specially when it’s temporary or not perfect.

I used to holdback my joy. Afraid that feeling it will mean it’s too good to be true (waiting for the other shoe to drop) or my mind will latch onto all the things that could be better or could go wrong. Like Brené Brown says, I was dress rehearsing tragedy.


Wisdom of the Gate of Vitality

The Wisdom from the 58 is that joy is within us at all times. But from the lens of non attachment, this isn’t a conditional joy.

It’s a state of mind + spirit as we build our capacity to tap into our gratitude & vitality no matter what. While at the same time recognizing the shadows, holding hope and doing our best to create something better.

A soft surrender for what is, while also creating space for something better to move through. I see this expressed in gratitude practice, mindset reframe work, acknowledging our feelings, repurposing furniture/clothes, home reno etc.

If you don’t have the 18, how can you let your love for perfection to inspire you + open you up to possibilities without creating meaning our of it? How can you hold what’s not working without feeling pressured to act on it? (specially without the 48-16)



All seeking is therefore partially rooted in dissatisfaction, and all seeking will eventually lead you inwards. It is this turning in that unlocks the huge reservoirs of vitality that are available to you when you relax enough. As you see that all seeking is simply life looking for itself, you begin to stop seeking. As the pressure within you falls away, the vital energy becomes clearer and more radiant within you. Many people who are awakening in this way actually go through some kind of healing crisis as the energy matrix of the subtle bodies comes back online. This can be a time of intense physical transformation.—Richard Rudd

Why do we insist on dress-rehearsing tragedy in moments of deep joy? Because joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel. And that’s saying something, given that I study fear and shame. When we feel joy, it is a place of incredible vulnerability—it’s beauty and fragility and deep gratitude and impermanence all wrapped up in. —Brené Brown


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 58 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

I have the 58 activated in my personality Saturn. It plays such a big part in the way I see + experience the world. Before my Saturn return, I would catch myself noticing beauty along with a feeling of expansion and then it would snap back and contract. Fears of that joy changing, not lasting or even more morbid, something terrible happening would come in + take over.

Which is why I shared Brené Browns quote above, it was something I did often. Dress rehearse tragedy to prepare myself for the worst because joy felt too darn vulnerable to feel, to hold.

The more I dug deeper, the more I realized underneath those fears, those moments of contraction was also the beautiful realization that life is ever changing. It was never about trying to hold onto things but allowing life to move through + around us.

How can we surrender and hold the tender, sweet, hidden parts of ourselves as we experience life? How can we co-exist in harmony with change and unpredictability?

How can we appreciate things just because? How can we also lean onto our hope to make things better but not holding one state necessarily above the other? How can we find wholeness in the now, in the midst of healing, suffering and also build capacity to experience deep love, forgiveness, compassion and joy?

The more I give myself permission to appreciate the things that bring me joy; from the silliest little things like how I got my coffee mug to thanking my car bringing me safely to places to the profound work I get to do with my clients…abundance brings in more abundance. Those moments of gratitude, of acknowledgement deepen my connection to myself and the universe’s life force around me 🤎

All that to also say, thank you so much for being here with me.


Exploring Further

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