25 Gate of the Spirit of Self

25 Gate of the Spirit of Self

Mar 21, 2023


We’re currently experiencing the flavour of 25 Gate of the Spirit of Self. Universal, unconditional love through acceptance.

This was a fascinating gate to synthesize + break down. It’s mystical yet also so omnipresent and reflected in everything we do, are?  if you have this gate please share in the comments.

25 Gate of the Spirit of Self is known as the archetype of the Shaman/Priestess and healer; this is the energy of unconditional universal love reflected in all things. The gate of our higher selves, the spirit of oneness with the universe and life itself.


From Identity G to Ego Center

Located in the G center—the hub for direction, love, self, purpose, the seat of the Soul.

It connects to 51 Gate of Shock, coming from the Heart center—represents willpower, ego, the material world, determination, your drive and self worth.

Gate 25 is about being centered and grounded in your spirit no matter what life throws at you (and centering others in theirs as a result)

It seeks the excitement, thrill of 51 Gate of Shock to be challenged, to be initiated. Where innocence is tested over and over again so they can expand their limits and reach new heights. Together they form the 25-51 Channel of Initiation.

Without Gate 51, the 25 doesn’t have the consistent will to stretch itself and stay on course. It’s important you’re leaning into the guidance of your Strategy & Authority before leaping into the unknown.

Because not every path is meant for you and without the consistent energy of the will center you might burnout in a quest to prove yourself, feeling defeated as a result. Shaking your innocence into fear.


Shadow Expression

The shadow expressions of the Gate 25 is being constricted by our fears, unable to access our courage and being disconnected from spirit itself.

Even though this is not an awareness center, it’s an identity + direction center. It’s where we orient ourselves, make sense of the world around us & even our place in it. When we’re disconnected from spirit, we also lose our connection to  ourselves & others, our purpose, we’re cut off from Source. Unable to face our wounds + may fall into a victim mindset.

This energy is here to be transformed by life itself. It’s not about bypassing your fears, instead its having the courage to face them when called upon. How do you navigate challenges? How do you support yourself?



Individual Centering Circuit

Part of the Individual Centering Circuit, this is all about self-empowerment. An individual energy that is purely about being centered in response to life.

When you’re following your individual pulse and pulls you’re able to empower others into new heights—simply put, it’s a side effect of being yourself. When you surrender to life and accept whatever comes your way with courage and acceptance, you deepen your connection to yourself and universal love.

“At the Shadow frequency the wound maintains human suffering, at the Gift frequency the wound provokes humanity to evolve, and at the Siddhic frequency the wound reveals humanity’s true nature as an expression of Universal Love”– Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


Projected Energy

This is a projected energy. Even though it’s an individual energy, when it comes to sharing it’s important you’re recognized and invited in order to be received. What are the places, communities where you’re recognized and able to be yourself?


Wisdom of Gate 25

The Wisdom of Gate 25 is the unwavering trust in ourselves no matter what happens. Love for our spirit, each other, the universe and for life itself. The ability to step into each challenge with optimism, to hold our suffering with compassion, to face life with a innocence and determination.

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me” —Al-Shafi’i


Lesson of the Gate of Spirit of Self

The Lessons of Gate 25 lies in Universal Love + the knowing that it all starts with us. Can we love others if we don’t love ourselves first?

This energy feels hard to put into words but at the same time I also see it reflected in everything because everything is interconnected. When we’re able to take care of ourselves, we have the capacity to expand + support others. When we’re able to take care of each other, we get to nourish ourselves and thrive as a collective. We’re not well unless we all are.

How can we hold our wholeness among the suffering, the broken parts of us? How do we celebrate joy and also honour the grief + pain? How do we love passionately? And fight when called upon? How can we be soft and also channel our rage, our fight for change and justice?



Gate 25 Keynotes

Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 25 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

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  1. Aeryana says:

    Your post is an absolute treasure of articulated nuances inherent to this gate. I have 25.5 in my conscious sun and am meeting so many with this kind of influence activated in their spheres of career/service/medicine because they have realized the power of being themselves authentically, and with radical acceptance. Some of these people are actual shamanically trained healers. I call these people the Beingness Medicine holders.
    More to say, but for now, I am deeply appreciating the insight you offer on this gate.

    May you be well and filled with trust in your path as you awaken to it. Your presence is a gift.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Thank you for your share Aaeryana! “Beingness Medicine holders” so powerful, our direct channel to spirit 🥺💕