42 Gate of Growth

42 Gate of Growth

Apr 12, 2023

We just moved into 42 Gate of Growth. My friend, this gate might not seem super impactful at first but the more I synthesized and bask into this energy, I realize how significant it is.

The Gate of Growth is the energy of staying in and closing cycles. Knowing when to end them in order to make space for new beginnings. To reflect, learn from the wisdom of each experience.



From Sacral to Root Center

Located in the Sacral— the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. Gate 42 is the Sacral’s cue through response, on what to commit, stay in or when to wrap a cycle up.

It reaches towards the Root—the center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. It connects to 53 Gate of Beginnings, the fuel to start, the catalyst to dive into new experiences.

Together they form the 53-42 Channel of Maturation.


Collective Sensing Circuit

The 42 Gate of Growth is what jumpstarts the Collective Sensing Circuit. It’s an abstract energy of going into experiences and making sense of them. Where we learn from the past through emotional awareness and reflection. It’s the power to grow and tenacity to mature through a cycle.

The life force of the Sacral signalling us on what needs to end, what needs to be pruned in order to make space for new life and potentials to arise.

But the 42 without the fuel of Gate 53 might not always have the energy to begin or lacking the spark to sustain what it starts (specially if S&A were not aligned when you started). Let your strategy and authority guide you on when to start something new.


Generated Channel

Coming from the Sacral center, Gate 42 is a generated energy, it’s here to respond.

Whenever external stimuli activates the response, the Sacral is checking to see whether it has the energy or not to commit to something. Remember, this is not an awareness center, it works in the now with whatever data is available.

Whether you have the Sacral defined or undefined, if you have gate 42 notice your relationship to endings. Do you feel like you need to finish everything you start? How can you give yourself the space to discern when to stay in a cycle and when to exit one? Can you draw from past experiences?

Gate 42 has the tenacity to stay in a cycle until it’s completed. Because it isn’t simply about ending things or breaking a habit.

It is here to repeat a cycle until it fully embodies what they’ve learned. Every iteration of a similar pattern or cycle, is an opportunity to apply the wisdom and lessons. Sometimes we see ourselves trapped in a pattern and unable to break that cycle until we shift focus or make some sort of change or simply start walking the talk.

How can you lean into other parts of your design to discern? How can you listen to the guidance of your strategy & authority? Who can help you process and support you through your cycles?


Shadow Expression

All that begins, will eventually end. The Gate of Growth teaches us that nothing is permanent. Change is constant. The sun rises every morning and sets every night, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 4 seasons in a year…

Under the shadow expression of Gate 42, lies a resistance to change. Instead of making space for a new chapter, friendships or opportunities it clings to the past illusion of safety. Yet that interrupts the cycle’s process. Nothing is ever static. Leaves start falling to make space for rest + hibernation to eventually bloom again in spring—under the right conditions of course. How can you ground yourself so you can listen to that Sacral’s guidance (along with your strategy + authority)?



Lesson of Gate 42

One of the lessons of gate 42 is knowing when to let go. In a way, this gate helps us tune in the now. What feels good? What’s working? What’s not? What can you release that’s holding you back?

Let’s face it, endings can be hard. There’s grief for what was, what could be. There’s also fear of not knowing what’s ahead. But knowing when to walk out of a situation, an environment that is no longer serving you not only closes a chapter but it also helps us mature and grow. It recalibrates us for the next cycle. It makes space for the new to blossom. When you share your wisdom from your experiences, it contributes to the growth of the collective consciousness.


Wisdom of Gate of Growth

The wisdom of the 42 Gate of Growth is the detachment from expectations. As mentioned often within the Sensing Circuit, is the importance of releasing expectations to avoid disappointment.

But that’s not the only reason why. When we attach our joie de vivre to our expectations, we close ourselves up. We become so tunnel focused that we’re unable to see everything that’s happening around. You know the saying “your thoughts create your reality”? This simply means we see what we focus on. So when we’re attached to a specific outcome and that doesn’t happen cycle after cycle we get stuck in that pattern unable to see a way out or look at alternate routes.

“Despite how the word may sound, to be detached does not mean to not feel. In fact, if you are truly detached, you will feel more intensely than others because you will not have allowed your expectation, positive or negative, to constrict the event you actually experience. […]

Detachment presupposes a great love and trust in life. It is about working with your expectation rather than being a victim of it. Detachment arises quite naturally of its own accord when you yield and trust in life.” — Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

Detachment allows you to co-create with the universe, to flow as opposed to pushing. To be able to separate yourself from your thoughts and feelings, to take a step back.


Gate 42 Keynotes


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 42 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.


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  1. Corinne Buschhüter-Huijs says:

    Very interesting how you describe this channel.
    As I have this channel, I was very confused reading about that I am naturally more “closing” tasks. I cannot agree to this idea. Yet I am can totally relate to your explanation to cling on to the past or to expectations about something and not letting go of those – in that way also losing the sense of “now” or “reality”…So thanks for that. That makes it much more clear 🙂

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Ah yes, there is always additional nuance to the gates + how it shows up personally for us!

      Thank you for sharing your reflection!