Surrendering to our seasons and being in tune with our cycles

Surrendering to our seasons and being in tune with our cycles

Jun 2, 2022

After a long unexpected pause, the second season of the Whole and Unleashed Podcast is back! And we’re talking about the beauty of surrendering to our seasons and being in tune with our cycles.

I’m finally coming out of a deep restorative, slow season. There hasn’t been much energy in creating and externalizing. This phase felt more inwards and introspective. The past couple of months, end of 2021 to early 2022 felt a big stagnant and even slow at times. And a lot of people I talked with experienced something similar. A sudden drop in energy, a pull to slow down and digest. Perhaps even noticing a tension between wanting to do many things and our bodies not complying to any of it.

In today’s episode I’m sharing about my reflections of this season and the importance of being able to honour our inner cycles and collective pulls. I also show some examples of mindset and limiting beliefs in play plus human design references of being addicted to sacral energy as a projector.


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