Why your process is not linear

Why your process is not linear

Jul 8, 2021

We often think of our process as linear. Whether it’s healing, growth or any goal we set.

But there’s so much that happens beneath the surface.

The simple act of wanting something to be different demands a shift. From what matters to us to how we are and ultimately what we do.

It’s a process of recalibrating, shedding what no longer serves us to embodying who we want to be.

The process is not linear.
There are ups and downs.


It’s messy, it’s glorious, it’s unpredictable but it’s necessary.

It all starts with awareness. Then you create the space, set the intention on where you want to be. From there you work on your mindset, reframing your stories and limitations until you start to shift gradually…and suddenly you go from doing to fully embodying the essence of where you want to go/who you want to become. And then along with self-care, grounding practices, nourishing routines and aligned choices you can sustain that state.

Next time you feel like you’re falling behind, notice all the inner work that’s happening.

Let yourself expand ✨

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