Discern what you take in

Discern what you take in

Reminder: What you learn, any tool you integrate is here to SUPPORT you.

If it doesn’t maybe you don’t need it anymore or maybe there’s another way.

Discern what you take in

From social media to courses, people, relationships etc. Filter it through your inner compass.

Does it make you feel supported? Expansive? or does it feel constrictive or limiting?

Stop giving your power away.
Own your power.

What works for someone doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. That’s for YOU to discern. Test, adapt, embrace if it feels good or drop it if it doesn’t.

As I navigate my own business I’ve learned that just because it worked for X person doesn’t mean it’ll work for me. Not because I’m not enough but simply because I’m different. My energy levels are different, my skill sets are unique to me. My joy and my success is mine to define and reframe. I get to align my business to me instead of trying to fit myself in my business.

Same applies for your relationships, life goals, clothing, diet. Let them support you instead of fitting yourself into them.

What is one thing you’ll feeling the pull to drop?

Jul 13, 2021

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