Tara Stiles on community and letting her feelings guide her

Tara Stiles on community and letting her feelings guide her

Feb 14, 2024


I’m so excited to share today’s episode. I’m joined by dear friend Tara Stiles. She was one of the first guests on the Whole & Unleashed podcast. It’s been a few years since her episode and I thought it would be fun to catch up with her and also weave in some Human Design elements.

She graciously let me do a mini-dive on her Human Design chart a few months ago on IG live. You can watch the conversation here.

It’s truly inspiring to see somehow living in such an aligned and embodied version of themselves. She was nicknamed ‘yoga rebel’ at the beginning of sharing Strala Yoga and her path has been anything but conventional since. Tara is a 3/6 emotional projector. Who’s about to come “off the roof” she’s moving towards her 3rd phase of her 6th line and ready to engage with her community in many new ways.

There’s a lot of disempowering information out there about projectors and how “little energy” we have. There’s the belief that having a defined Sacral or that being a Manifestor will mean that all our dreams come true or with more ease. But the thing is, everyone has challenges and different needs. No matter your type, we have the power to take care of ourselves and create the life we want. Just different approaches for different energetic needs.

I’ve always admired how Tara is able to move, create in a way that is sustainable and expansive. Taking care of herself, following her heart and invitations/opportunities coming along.



In this episode we talked about:

    • The magic of her 17-62 Channel of Acceptance shining through Strala Yoga. The way she’s able to create a practice that sensitizes us to our needs, to how we’re feeling and moving from that centre.
    • Her experience with her emotional authority and how feelings guide her. Along with how her mental definition supports her process because remember, the mind is not bad! It’s so helpful when we’re able to create space for both our intuition and mind to work together.
    • Community and how she’s built a life, a business rooted in deep intentional connections (her 49-19 Channel of Synthesis beautiful expressed)
    • Her pull to share her own stories and other people’s stories (Her 33-13 Channel of Prodigal!)
    • How she’s stayed grounded in her truth as she stood up for abuse in the yoga world and her efforts in creating a more approachable, accessible yoga through Strala



Listen to our chat


Watch our chat











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What was your takeaway from today’s episode?

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