Expansion Session on the practice of trusting life as a 3/5 Emotional Generator

Expansion Session on the practice of trusting life as a 3/5 Emotional Generator

Jul 10, 2024

This Expansion Session took place last year, 2023 where Annelyse wrote in:

I am seeking clarity on me. I find my chart to be extremely interesting with all centres defined with the exception of my spleen and my crown. So basically, I take on the fears + inspirations of others… so who am I really!? I am on my gap year following an intense 7 years of university, turning inward to really get to know me and what my heart truly desires after making so many decisions from outside of myself for so long.

Annelyse is a triple split Emotional Generator with the RAX of the Vessel of Love.  She shared her practice of grounding and in trusting life. It was so nice chatting with her and hearing about her insights and how she’s navigating this transitional time as she embraces more of what makes her, her.



Annelyse’s chart

Episode highlights

  • Annelyse’s emotional process, her gate of crisis
  • Her 17-62 Channel of Structuring
  • Her grounding practices and what helps her cultivate present moment awareness
  • The 3/5 Profile how being a 3rd line can feel chaotic at times
  • Learning to surrender to her energetic cues
  • Her completely open Spleen & Crown
  • Her Personality Sun Gate, 15  Extremes
  • Learning to release perfectionism and embracing grace & compassion


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