Expansion Session: Feeling boxed in and pressured by societal expectations

Expansion Session: Feeling boxed in and pressured by societal expectations

Aug 2, 2022

In today’s expansion session we explore feeling stuck, boxed in and feeling the pressure of societal expectations.

Hello friends, welcome to another expansion session. I’ve been doing so many of these and finally getting around to editing and sharing them here on the podcast. If you’re new here, expansion sessions are 90 minute coaching sessions where you, as a listener get to be a fly on the wall as I guide my guest through whatever they’re holding tension or seeking clarity on.

The purpose of these sessions is really about sharing our process with others within a safe space. Sometimes just having someone to hold whatever you’re holding with you is enough. When we’re able to relate and witness someone’s breakthroughs, it can in turn, empower us deeply. It’s an opportunity to embrace our vulnerability, courage and the complexity of being human. Because when you step into your light, you inspire others to do the same.

Mayu wrote to me about feeling overwhelmed about starting her business. She loves yoga and teaching but when it’s viewed as a job, a business she feels a paralyzing pressure.

Even though she can tell how people enjoy her classes there’s a lot of anxiety and societal expectations that are attached. She just wants to express herself but there are many challenges that are preventing her from doing so.

And as we dive deeper you’ll notice how it takes some time to actually get to the root of her tension and that there are many layers intertwined with each other.

English is not her first language so I can’t even imagine how that also adds more complexity to the situation but I’m so proud of her for taking this step and being open to being guided because I’ve seen how much she’s expanded ever since (it’s been close to a year since this section took place) and I’m wondering if I should do a follow up episode to check in with her (let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see of as well)

In today’s Expansion Session we explore:

  • What’s preventing Mayu from expressing herself fully
  • How to trust herself when she’s experiencing a lot of fear
  • Navigating health imbalances (eczema, low energy)
  • Feeling the limitations and how they box her
  • Recognizing her intuition vs. people’s fears projecting onto her



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