Nikki McKnight on running a business that supports her mental health and creating space

Nikki McKnight on running a business that supports her mental health and creating space

May 5, 2021

Many of us who have started a business or just trying to fulfill any goal in general, we sometimes forget to include ourselves and our needs in the equation.

When I first started my business I was craving for freedom and the ability to choose what I wanted to work on. And then I ended up overworking myself. And yes, there’s many layers to that but one of the main one was because I didn’t include my needs. I thought pushing was the only way to go.

But there’s always another way…

Creating space through systems

My guest today Nikki Mcknight talks about running a successful business with bipolar II disorder and how she’s created space to take care of herself. Because it’s certainly not one of the other.

Nikki McKnight has over a decade of experience working with companies to improve processes, drive communication and performance, and build a rockstar team. She’s worked with multi-billion dollar retailers, million dollar entrepreneurs, and startup boutiques looking to start off on the right foot. Nikki loves working with the artistic, creative, and spiritual personalities because she truly believes they will be the ones who will change the world for the better.

Nikki loves cycling, pop culture podcasts, romance novels, and hanging with her dog, Riesling.


In today’s episode Nikki shares:

  • How she became a backend coach/operations magician
  • The importance of having solid systems in your business so you can move through shiny object syndrome
  • On mental health, her experience with bipolar II disorder and how she takes care of herself
  • Such as creating space and flexibility in her business that allows her to step back whenever she needs to and how you can so so as well
  • On the false sense of urgency and why it’s important to recognize when it’s running the show
  • How she learned to streamlined her business with the minimum effect dose, inspired by a mentor of hers

And so much more. Come join our chat!


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  • Crucial Accountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny and Ron McMillan





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