Openness in Human Design

Openness in Human Design

May 3, 2022

There’s a notion that the open centers in our Human Design are ‘sensitive’. That the openness means we’re easily manipulated by others. But here’s an unpopular opinion:

My undefined centers and my open areas are my superpowers

Sure, our openness can be conditioned easier because that’s where we take in and amplify energy. But here’s the thing, even defined centers can be conditioned too by our beliefs. The deeper I dive into my energetics, the more I realize my sensitivity is what helps me take in and deeply tune in to the world around me.

My definition (the areas I have defined/coloured in) is how I personally influence everyone around me and how I show up in the world but it’s more holistic than that.

My open centers inform my definition.

Without the input, the ‘data/insights’ from my open centers I wouldn’t have the depth I have now. In my case, they strengthen my definition.

I’m not saying there weren’t difficult times growing up. Not at all, life is a mix of highs and lows. That’s how we learn and grow. It was particularly hard because I was unaware of how that openness affected me. But we shouldn’t avoid others because we don’t want to amplify their energies. We shouldn’t strive to keep those undefined, open centers “empty”, out of fear. They were designed to take in and amplify after all.

But then how do we avoid conditioning? Well, first of all we can’t. And not all conditioning is bad. Cause here’s the thing, we’re constantly influenced by energies around us. Even if you’re in an island all by yourself the transits will be influencing you.

The key is being aware of how those energies influence you and how they make you feel

Discern what are your boundaries vs. fear? What can you learn from them? What is your relationship to those energies? Know when to retreat and when it feels ‘correct’ to take in and when it’s not, how can you let go?

Knowing what we have power over and what we don’t, can take a lot of weight off our shoulders.

And help us spend time cultivating what’s more “us” vs trying to be everything we’re not.


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  1. Francis Louise Haines says:

    Thank you. I appreciate your perspective on defined and undefined and open centers.
    I am a 1/3 Manifestor, Solar Plexus authority.
    With head, ajna, throat and solar plexus defined, and heart center completely open, as well as identity, sacral, spleen and root undefined, this information is helpful in knowing myself and how to understand my experience of going out into the world.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Francis, thank you so much for sharing!

      I can imagine that the combination of your undefined Root, Sacral and an Emotional authority really hone in the lesson of taking your time. Rather it’s for making big decisions or initiating something. You’re not here to prove, or to know where you’re going. How can you trust the beauty of your undefined open centers to support your definition? How can you allow yourself to get lost in what fascinates you? How can you give yourself permission to experiment, to play as you learn and expand? ☺️

  2. Evan says:

    It’s all a map to baseline super powers! Local emanations and amplification mirrors! Defined and undefined! Loving leafing through your site right now, it’s so easy on the eye.

    From a Split definition, half Generator:
    Half Emotional+Will Manifestor:
    25-51 through 1-8
    (I find it impossible to give a decent idea of my energy by just saying “emotional manifesting generator” typical 1-8 huh?)

    As you can easily picture, the only open centers in my chart are the two “up top” in the head. I have the capacity to understand every point of view there is, with a penchant for universal principles in the macro and micro (hanging gate 61, I LOVE it so). Perhaps the most important decision I ever made was to start meditating in 2015 when I was about 19 years old! Then when I saw my HD chart in Fall 2020 it helped me once and for all give myself permission to deliberately IGNORE the human world of mental rummagings! Exhaust! Debris! When I do so, I begin to “hear” clearly the thoughts of my source, my God, my Inner Being, my higher mind, my I Am! Or, I simply enjoy the “quiet!” I recognize that a much larger share of what humans say is their “opinion” and I simply let it be! It can never trouble me again! Meanwhile, now when I go out in public I really enjoy the stimulation of all the mental energy going around without taking any of the specifics too seriously! And when I want to engage, my ability to see and reflect others’ thought processes, and see the universal principles in whatever others want to show me or inform me about, my mental wisdom provides so much satisfaction for myself and anyone who is able to be privy to my reflections! Boy, this stuff really works!

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Aaah love this reflection Evan! Nothing brings me more joy than hearing about people’s experiences and reflections about their design. With a completely open head and ajna, I’ve learned to enjoy the random bursts of inspirations + questions while learning to release the pressure.

      Life becomes so much more fun when we have the tools to move our energy in ways that support us instead of trying to push everything into becoming something no?

      And so glad you’re enjoying the website so far. It’s a labour of love!