Recap on Projectors

Recap on Projectors

Dec 28, 2021

So far I’ve shared about the foundations of your chart like type, strategy, definition and authorities separately.

Thought I’ll do a little recap of each type as we start weaving everything together.


Here’s a highlight for Projectors 🌀

As a Projector you’re here to guide energy. You have an openness to life and an innate wisdom of what others need. You’re able to see the bigger picture, recognize talents and gifts in others.

You’re here to guide energy.

You see what the fire needs to keep glowing, where is energy needed?

A Projector has no sacral defined and no motor to throat connected. Projectors are also classified as Energy/Non-energy type (if you don’t have a motor defined), Mental Projector and Self-Projected Projector.

Projectors make up 22-23% of the population.

Every type is interconnected to each other and have a role to play. As a Projector you’re here to guide energy. You have an openness to life and an innate wisdom of what others need. You’re able to see the bigger picture, recognize talents and gifts in others.

Even though you’re capable of seeing so much, you must be recognized and invited in for your energy to be well received. Otherwise you’ll overextend yourself with nothing in return exhausting yourself and leading to bitterness.



Your strategy as a Projector is to wait for the invitation in places you’re recognized. Recognition is an important part of your energetic mechanic, it’s like pre-screening to see if your energy will be received. And then the invitation ‘activates’ it. When you’re recognized and invited there is no resistance to your energy guiding the other.

Your aura is deep and penetrating which allows you to take in the energy and see others deeply. It can be quite intimate and destabilizing when it’s not invited in.

Waiting is not passive though! When you spend time nourishing yourself and developing your gifts your aura will naturally draw those who are ready for your guidance. Let yourself be seen and notice the invitations come in.



Your authority is the energy that helps you discern and guide you. You might call it a gut feeling, intuition, inner knowing etc. This is what guides you on what, when or even what invitations are for you.

You’ll notice the saying “use your strategy and authority” in human design a lot. And that’s because it’s one of the first steps in connecting to your inner self and moving away from the mind to make decisions that come from within.

As a Projector your authority can be either:

  • Emotional Solar Plexus (what are my emotions saying)
  • Splenic (what feels safe? what does my intuition say?)
  • Ego (what do I desire? what’s important for me?)
  • Self-Projected (what does my truth sound like to me?)
  • Environmental/Sounding board (how does it feel to say this out loud?)


Emotional Not-Self & Signature

A big part of understanding our energetics is also noticing the ways we’ve dampened who we are in order to fit in and what we’ve taken on as coping mechanisms. The process of deconditioning is essentially rewiring yourself to be more you + letting go of what’s not.

Each type has emotional indicators that are like guideposts to check-in, an invitation to see if we’ve honoured your strategy and authority. These are known as the not-self and signature themes.

  • Emotional Not-self: Bitterness
    Emotional Signature: Success


Further Exploration

Since you don’t have the Sacral center defined, you’ll notice that your energy comes in bursts. Rest is a crucial part of your process so you can clear out the energies that are not yours, recalibrate as you prepare for the next invitation. What does ‘being’ mean to you? How can you embody more of that?

Your strategy and authority will help you use your energy correctly and recognize when to guide and which energies are inviting you in.

It’s important for you to empty out the energies you might’ve taken from others throughout the day, alone time is a way of doing so. Notice which energies you’ve amplified and learn how to release them. Honour your natural rhythm and take in without holding on. Give yourself plenty of time to unwind, disconnect and be.

Any Projectors who would like to share about their experience? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

One more thing

Remember, your type is just a fraction of your design. You are a unique combination of so many other moving parts. Your definition, profile, channels, gate, conditioning etc. All this information is pretty high level but a good starting point to get you familiarize with the HD system.

You can be whoever you want to be. Human Design simply gives you a little insight on how your energies can support you and what tools can help you get there.


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