Recap on Reflectors

Recap on Reflectors

Dec 30, 2021

So far I’ve shared about the foundations of your chart like type, strategy, definition and authorities separately.

Thought I’ll do a little recap of each type as we start weaving everything together.


Here’s a highlight for Reflectors 🌗

As a Reflector you take in, magnify and reflect energy wherever you are. You have an openness to life and can see things other miss. You’re highly adaptable and designed to sample and move through different energies.

You’re here to reflect and magnify energy.

You see and reflect back the fire’s health. What is the quality of the glow?

As a Reflector you have no defined centers. Which means 9 of your centers are opened. You take in and amplify the energies around you.

Reflectors make up 1-2% of the population.

Every type is interconnected to each other and have a role to play. As a Reflector you take in, magnify and reflect energy wherever you are. You have an openness to life and can see things other miss. You’re highly adaptable and designed to sample and move through different energies.

Even though the openness can be overwhelming, it’s also your superpower. Your aura has a resistant quality where you’re able to release energy compared to any other type. Allow yourself to be fluid in your expression, doing and being.


Your strategy as a Reflector is to wait a Lunar cycle. But what does that mean? How long does a Lunar cycle last? Well, without the consistency of defined centers, the most consistent thing in your design is your openness and the Moon. The Moon moves through the 64 gates in the span of 28 days. As you sample different energies you gain insights and different perspectives.

You’re not meant to be fixed in your way of being. That being said notice what feels good to you. What places bring our parts of you that you enjoy? Who are the people you can rely on and connect with? In the midst of uncertainty find ways to ground yourself while remaining flexible. Waiting a Lunar cycle for big decisions can offer you clarity to discern what feels best for you.



Your authority is the energy that helps you discern and guide you. You might call it a gut feeling, intuition, inner knowing etc. This is what guides you on what or where to go next.

  • What is each phase of the Lunar cycle telling you?
  • What requires more simmering?
  • Where are you feeling pulled towards?

You’ll notice the saying “use your strategy and authority” in human design a lot. And that’s because it’s one of the first steps in connecting to your inner self and moving away from the mind to make decisions that come from within.

As a Reflector your openness allows you to savour the different energetic definitions and authorities. And through each one of them you gain insight until you reach the end of the Lunar cycle and repeat. It’s like wearing a different hat everyday and seeing what comes up. Your task is simply observe.


Emotional Not-Self & Signature

A big part of understanding our energetics is also noticing the ways we’ve dampened who we are in order to fit in and what we’ve taken on as coping mechanisms. The process of deconditioning is essentially rewiring yourself to be more you + letting go of what’s not.

Each type has emotional indicators that are like guideposts to check-in, an invitation to see if we’ve honoured your strategy and authority. These are known as the not-self and signature themes.

  • Emotional Not-self: Disappointment
    Emotional Signature: Surprise


Further Exploration

The most consistent thing in your design are your gates and your openness. Your energy comes in bursts. What are some ways you can release the excessive energies you’ve amplified throughout the day? Make space for rest, alone time to clear out your centers.

Allow yourself to be fluid, you are whoever you want to be (and yes, that might be a tad challenging in a world that expects everyone to show up the same). How can you connect to your inner self? How can you also make space to surround yourself with what feels nourishing and grounding. Let these things guide you and be open to them changing!

It might be helpful to keep track of your rhythms and natural cycles. Write down, record what comes up. Reflect, observe and notice.

Any Reflectors here? Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you resonate? Yay, no? Would love to hear! 🙋🏻‍♀️

One more thing

Remember, your type is just a fraction of your design. You are a unique combination of so many other moving parts. Your definition, profile, channels, gate, conditioning etc. All this information is pretty high level but a good starting point to get you familiarize with the HD system.

You can be whoever you want to be. Human Design simply gives you a little insight on how your energies can support you and what tools can help you get there.


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