5 practices to support you through change

5 practices to support you through change

Sep 29, 2020

Any kind of change can be hard! Here are 5 Practices to Support You Through Change

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I don’t know about you but going through change can be quite an ordeal! Whether it’s internal or external. One of the biggest challenges I’ve juggled with is doing less (Multitasking anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️Totally guilty).

I used to fluctuate between doing a lot of work to not wanting to do any work at all. I’ve had days where creativity is bursting, cue minions in my brain. Followed by days where I need to completely disconnect and recover, sleeping not-so beauty.

Before I quit my corporate job, I’d gone through multiple burnouts. Yet even when I was out of that environment, I found myself repeating the same patterns. And here I thought I was over it! What was I not doing right?

That’s why, I was so excited when Melyssa Griffin asked her guest Kate Northup–Bestselling author of Do Less– my question in her latest Limitless Life™ podcast.

How do you make the leap between understanding the need to do less to actually living and embodying it? 

Guess what Kate’s response was? It takes as long as it takes

And she’s right. Of course. Like many things, it’s a practice. Doing less doesn’t mean to simply stop doing.

Whatever change you’re embarking on, it takes time to recalibrate. Like finding the proper station in an analog radio. Depends on where you are as much as the station you’re trying to connect to. It’s a dance between shedding old belief systems and adjusting to new thought patterns along the way. And that’s a looooot.

Kate also shared how it’s important to a lot of grace and compassion for ourselves in the process, there will be lessons that come up multiple times. We’ll be looking at them from a higher consciousness each time.

Let that sink in

You will revisit the same lessons but at a higher consciousness.

It’s cyclical process, not linear. It will require fortitude. Allowing ourselves the space to grow.

Phew! Doesn’t that feel less daunting? And here I was wondering why I kept revisiting those lessons!

So my dear friend, whether you’re trying to start a new habit, incorporate a daily practice or moving away from an old pattern remember to be gentle with yourself.

Here are 5 practices to support you through change:

  1. Write it down: Set your intention. Make it into a practice. Maybe start with a timer for a couple of minutes each day. Some writing prompts: What am I committing to/letting go of? What could prevent me from doing so? Why am I doing this? What will this make space for? How will I feel once I’ve accomplished it? Say it out loud, write it down, dance to it…make space for it to manifest.
  2. Accountability buddy: Kate also mentioned in the podcast that she has a “do less bodyguard” someone who calls her out when she’s taking on more than she should. Now I want you to find yourself someone you trust. So you can be each other’s accountability buddy. Someone you can lean on and vice versa. You don’t have to do this alone. Coaches and therapists are also great support systems! Go with whoever you feel the most comfortable with. If you’re interested in coaching but don’t know where to start, book a discovery call with me
  3. Slow down: Sometimes we’re so caught up in what we want to accomplish we disconnect from our bodies. We are more than just our minds. So take some moments to connect with yourself during your day. Maybe when you first wake up, right before a meal, after a client call, check-in with yourself. I wrote about some in-between moments here
  4. Track your progress: From how you feel to your energy levels. Change takes time and tracking it will help you notice tiny shifts within. We don’t notice how far we’ve gone until we look back. Remember that growth is not linear. We go through different cycles, triggers and lessons along the way. Celebrate your commitment for growth, celebrate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. It takes, as long as it takes. If you need some inspiration journalling inspiration, download my template here
  5. Move your body: We are more than just our minds. Our bodies hold on to everything! Trauma, emotion and internal/external stress that add-on throughout the day. A good way to to release that energy is to move ya’ body. Whether it’s a relaxing yoga flow, a strong boxing session to get you sweating or a handstand workshop to awaken your inner child. Make sure you incorporate movement into your routine!

Are there any particular challenges or changes you’re growing through? Let me know if these tips help!

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