Maggie Hilpisch on parenting and relationships through the lens of Human Design

Maggie Hilpisch on parenting and relationships through the lens of Human Design

Aug 17, 2022

In todays episode, I’m here with Maggie Hilpisch. A dear friend who I met during my Human Design training.

Maggie is a human design guide, a mother to three young boys, and a lifelong explorer of the big, unanswerable questions of life. She loves to bring the divine into the everyday and offer her clients practical tools for radical self-acceptance.

Maggie is a 2/4 Splenic projector. Fun fact, we share a very similar chart! We’re single definition, with one channel defined through the spleen to ego (the channel of surrender. It’s always so fascinating to see how different and similar our experiences has been. Maggie shares about parenting and relationships through the lens of human design. We also talk about some powerful lessons of the undefined G center, learning about connection charts with our partners and more.



In today’s episode Maggie shares:

  • The paths her undefined G has taken her through
  • Being a projector and discerning through the right types of recognition
  • How she’s been able to release the expectations to show up
  • Parenting through the lens of human design as she watches her toddler and twins express themselves
  • Her 2/4 profile and how that shows up for her. The tension of wanting to do her own thing while also needing community
  • How Human Design can empower couples, friends to honour their energies and understand each other‘a communication styles
  • Surrendering to her gate 47, the gate of realization, which is her personality sun and her struggles with it
  • Her experience with her design sun, gate 45 and her experience navigating and releasing the grips of control

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  • Molecules of Emotion by Candance Part







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