Expanding with Human Design

Expanding with Human Design

Sep 9, 2021

Hi friends! It’s been a while 🙈 I feel like I’ve been going through a deep incubating period.

In fact I’ve been in a few of those in the past year as I healed, grew and shed different parts of me that is no longer needed for where I’m headed. But this one has felt quite different. It’s enveloped by a deep sense of trust. And with trust comes surrender.

I was able to soften the grips to the illusion of control. Even though I’m not quite sure where I’m headed I feel supported and at ease. Which wouldn’t have been the case even a year ago 🙈 (hey, that’s what growth is after all)

I sense a new energy that wants to be externalized—oddly enough, this space has been an outlet where I’ve been able to alchemize + cultivate my lessons so it feels right to share here.

I found human design almost exactly a year ago and something about this system keeps calling out to me. I made a mental note to “do more research” and thanks to the internet gods, synchronicity, the algorithm whatever we want to call this I found my HD mentors @jes.fields and @humandesignreadings (thanks to Jas @themoon.mother ❤️) and it’s been a wonderful mind blowing expansive deep dive ever since. We’re almost 6 months into our 1 year intensive and I finally feel ready to share!

And the more I learn/talk/reflect on this, the more I realize how liberating and useful this is in helping us come home to ourselves. From understanding our unique energies, to honouring our needs and peeling back what’s not serving us. With all that being said, this is a tool. There are many tools out there, some will resonate with you and some might not. Take what you need, release what you don’t ❤️

Anyways excited to be sharing a lot more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. Do you know your human design? What have you been playing with?

If you’ve never heard of it but feel pull to check, simply google human design chart and enter your info (I’ve been using myBodygraph)

Ps: I’m also starting to offer discounted foundational readings! If you’re interested email me 🤗

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  1. Wendy says:

    I want to understand…. It costs too much money it seems. This lunar/reflectors broke! Haha