How are you channeling your potential?

How are you channeling your potential?

Dec 4, 2022

You’ve got potential. We’ve all got potential. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s what you DO with that potential that matters. 

Human Design shows you your energetic pathway, your blueprint of how your energies can be expressed. But potential is not guaranteed.

Potential is defined as “having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.”

Our energies, just like our skills need to be developed, nourished and honed. They’re not static, just like we’re not. They’re seeking to be processed and transformed. Our open centers carry potential for wisdom but if we don’t do the inner work…that’s all it’ll amount to, a possibility. Now I’m not saying that we have to fulfill and carry out every potential. I’m not talking about forcing or pushing for certain outcomes.

Awareness and surrender is a dance that takes time to master. A fine balance between when to release control and also doing our best.

Being aware of the possibilities and the pathways of where and how your energy moves can:

  • Help you understand + take care of yourself better. Set better boundaries and cater to your own needs.
  • Know how you influence and are influenced by others. So you can easily release what’s not yours and take care of what is

The list of benefits are endless but let’s keep it short for now. Here are some examples by type”\

How are you currently channeling your potentials?

  • As a Manifestor, are you carving out space to get inspired so you can initiate?
  • As a Generator, are allowing yourself to spend time on what excites you and brings you joy just for the sake of?
  • As a Manifesting Generator, are you allowing yourself to release projects/commitments you no longer feel pulled to explore?
  • As a Projector, are you giving yourself permission to not guide when there’s no true recognition? (Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should)
  • As a Reflector, are you giving yourself space to be and observe instead of jumping into action like the rest of the world?



Because at the end of the day, only we know what we truly need. It’s recognizing those subtle changes in our energies. It’s how we manage our contractions. Like noticing if the not-self chatter is keeping us anchored into our shadow expressions.

It’s when you’re able to see past your limitations. Making space to witness not just your blocks, but also your potential and inner wisdom while feeling safe and grounded.

Which in turn enables you to find more clarity as you align to your authentic self.

It’s the path that opens up when you’re able to prioritize and honour your unique energetic expressions; paving the way for you to go from surviving to living and ultimately thriving. It’s not about solely staying in the high expression and avoiding your shadows. It’s about reconciling your relationship with the void.

It’s having the tools to cope, to surrender to the lessons whenever you’re called upon it. Taking care of your nervous system and mental health along the way. It’s about noticing, reframing your narrative. Scratch out what you’re no longer willing to tolerate and compromise.


Are you ready to quiet all the noise so you can come home to yourself?

We’re going to build an unshakable foundation of inner trust and understanding through the framework of Human Design and holistic tools. So you can expand your capacity to hold the complex, the uncertain while showing up in a way that’s aligned and authentic to you right now.

This is the essence of Coming Home, a place to understand the flow of your unique energies to guide you back to yourself:

  • So you can continually cultivate and strengthen that inner trust
  • Sensitize to your inner compass (your strategy and authority)
  • Understand your personal process and how your energy moves best (cross, profile, definition)
  • Redefine what success looks like and mean to you (mechanics, potential, needs of your energy)
  • Learn to manage your energy with ease. From the ones you amplify and the ones you “broadcast” (defined and undefined centers)
  • Set clear boundaries to release what’s not yours. How to tend to your energetic needs (not-self, areas of potential wisdom)
  • Nourish your strengths, create a blueprint of self-care, growth and rooted expansion
  • Sustainable practices that honour your needs and meet you where you’re at


You’ll also walk away with:

  • Practical tools and approach related to your Human Design
  • A clear language and framework in understanding your energies
  • Sensitizing to your 9 centers, gates, channels, profile and how your authority feels to you, your tensions etc
  • Learning to hold space for said tensions, recognizing where points of resistance might take place


And did I mentioned the awesome bonuses?

  1. Bonus 1: Align & Embody 90 day Journal ($38 value)
  2. Bonus 2: 2x Coaching Sessions with Jes ($500 value)
  3. Pay in Full Bonus: 1x Human Design Connection Session ($380 value)



We kick off on January 10th with our first intro call. Registration open until mid December.


If you’ve been looking for a container to support your deconditioning, connect with others as you learn Human Design, this might just be the place for you.

Or know somebody who might want to join? Share this with them!


Questions? Have some doubts or just want to chat?



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