12 Days of Giveaway 2022 (and some updates)

12 Days of Giveaway 2022 (and some updates)

Dec 12, 2022


Hi friends!

There’s been some intense energies influencing us for the past few weeks. I feel like I’ve been moving through a lot—and I’m sure have you too.

Lunar eclipses, Mars retrograde, the days getting shorter in the Northern hemisphere, the transits flavouring us through 36-35 The Channel of Transitoriness for quite a while. Defining all nour Emotional centers —I don’t know about you, but my moods have been just meh so I’ve been riding my waves and letting myself be.

This channel, if you usually don’t have it defined, can feel volatile and overwhelming at times. Feeling emotional turbulence in 36 Gate of Crisis connecting to 35 Gate of Change to seek out experiences in order to trigger change, to move and alchemize this emotional energy.

There’s a restless desire to explore our capability to feel, to experience and to confront the lessons that uncover as we go. You might have felt a need for change, breaking old patterns, closing chapters, starting something new etc.

Today, I’m finally feeling more settled. And some clarity have blossomed from those beautiful chaotic waves. In between downloads, energetic shifts and lots of sleep; I’m getting a clearer picture of where I’m being pulled to focus and what I have energy for.

So I wanted to share some updates with you:

  • I’ve decided to move ‘Coming Home, a 3 month container into the energetics of our Human Design’ to the Spring of 2023. And yes, that also means earlybird discount is extended. If you have any questions, feel free to msg me ☺️
  • As a big thank you for all your support I wanted to run 12 days of Giveaway on my IG to celebrate how far we’ve come and the end of 2022. The first one starts tomorrow. Winners will be announced between Dec 25th-Jan 5!


Hope you’re getting lots of rest and grounding. December can feel like a lot!

Perhaps some questions to reflect on:

How are you feeling? What would be supportive to you right now?

What practices and rituals will help you tend to yourself?

Day 1: Align & Embody Journal

So many of you guessed it 🥰 It is indeed a copy of the Align & Embody Journal!

Align & Embody is a prompted 90 day journal designed to help you connect within. So you can align and embody the qualities to create a life that is aligned to you. You’ll find monthly pages for review and planning, daily pages (morning and evening that also allows you to track your cycle if you menstruate), weekly check-in and planning, moon rituals and 90 day goal setting and intentions.

To enter this giveaway comment here

*Giveaway closed*


Day 2: Custom Human Design guide

 It’s a beautifully designed 40+ page guide on your unique Human Design energetics with reflection prompts. You’ll get detailed information on HD glossary, your type, strategy, authority, definition, profile, channels, defined/undefined centers, and IC.

This have been one of my most favourite products to put together. And its grown + evolved so much from when it first came to be (and I’m sure will continue to do so) 🥺 grateful for every feedback, comment and message.

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*Giveaway closed*



Day 3: Custom Human Design Session

Custom Human Design Session. Either Foundational or Advanced, this 90 minute session is a great opportunity to learn about your core energetics, what’s consistent within you, what you amplify, how you naturally show up and how your energy moves. You’ll get a recording of your session along with applicable tips.

Either you’re brand new or have been self studying for a while I’ll meet you where you’re at. The session will be entirely custom to you, we can focus on career, relationships, energy levels etc.

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Day 4: Strala Community Calendar

@stralayoga has been such an essential practice that’s helped me constantly ground and come back to myself through moving well. It was also one of the first communities where I felt safe to ‘soften & be’ while connecting with so many like-minded people around the world. Our well-being is interconnected. When we take care of ourselves we’re able to support others 💕

It was so much fun designing this 12 month calendar, dreamed up by @raebroderick and @tarastiles featuring photos from @stralayoga members around the world along with beautiful reminders to tune into ourselves.

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Day 5: Canva Template Expansion Pack 🤗

Over 120+ pages of beautifully designed and comprehensive template for creating a Human Design + Planet Details Guide in Canva. I know there are a few readers sharing human design here, so this is perfect for readings and custom guide offers. All text are placeholder. This design template is to be filled with your own content and copy.

Includes an additional 30+ pages for planet details. A variety of layouts to choose from. Icon pages and bonus pages which include zodiac signs, constellations and zodiac wheel.

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Day 6: Human Design Connection Session

Customized 2 Hour Relationship reading which looks into the dynamic of your Human Design Chart + Another person’s.

Have you ever wondered what happens energetically when you’re in connection to others? Connection Sessions breaks down exactly that. This session focuses on how your energies influence each other through the centers, definition, type, profile, strategy and authority. Plus the possible areas of tension. We’ll look at your electromagnetics, compromise, dominance and companionship channels. This session could be with a loved one, a romantic partner, business partner, sibling etc. Both individuals need to be present in the reading.

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Giveaway Day 7: Human Design Poster

I started my Etsy shop with these Human Design bodygraph posters. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve started making these. Over 40 posters designed and delivered around the world!

3 variations to choose from 🤗. Print will be 12×18 inches.

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Giveaway Day 8: Expansion Session

Today’s giveaway is a 90 minute coaching session catered to you. This is for you if you’re seeking some clarity on where to go next, need some support in navigating through a block, limiting belief (imposter syndrome, fear of taking up space etc) feeling stuck with a particular situation or just need someone to hold space. We can also include some human design elements if it’s supportive (but not a requisite if it’s not a tool you use)

You can tune into some episodes on the Whole & Unleashed podcast to get a taste of what an Expansion Session looks like

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Day 9: Human Design Connection Poster

A Human Design Connection Chart between two people. Featuring profile, type, strategy, definition and channel themes. Perfect housewarming gift, Valentine’s day, Anniversary, for your siblings and/or celebrating friendship!

Chose between light, dark or clear (neon effect) version printed on premium matte paper. Size: 12×18

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Day 10: Human Design Reference Guide

This Human Design guidebook is designed to be a reference tool for readers (current or in training) and anyone who’s diving deeper into gates, channels and circuitry. One of the biggest challenges for me as I learned more about circuitry details was being able to reference how they all relate and connect to each other in one place.

This interactive PDF is 100 pages long, numbered, bookmarked and linked through the table of contents and organizational charts. So you can flip back and forth effortlessly. It is 8.5x11in landscape format in case you’re looking to print this as well.

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Day 11:  Recalibrate, Center & Align Workbook

This 70+ page workbook is an introduction to Human Design with specific journaling prompts to help you dive further into your differentiation. For the overwhelmed go getter who’s eager to find more ease, clarity & alignment in their lives through the framework of Human Design.
It’s divided into 3 phases to recalibrate, center and align: Awareness, Centering and Integration.
Learning about our unique energies can be so validating but most information can be pretty generalized. While it’s a great way to get started, it’s important we give ourselves the space to integrate this knowledge through our own designs with practices to ground and opportunities to embody our mechanics versus thinking about it 😉

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Day 12:Human Design Custom Connection Guide

Can’t believe it’s the final day of the giveaway already! So I’ve had the idea of creating a customized connection guide for the longest time. Thought it could be fun to see how our energies influence each other through the centers, definition, type, profile, strategy and authority for the longest time.

This guide will also talk about your electromagnetics, compromise, dominance and companionship channels. It’ll be my first time putting one together, I’m excited!

This guide can be made with a loved one, a romantic partner, business partner, sibling etc.

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