Jonathan Agomaa on staying curious and defining what matters

Jonathan Agomaa on staying curious and defining what matters

Dec 30, 2020

Hi everyone! Today’s guest is a dear, dear friend of mine. We met at university and became instant friends. We’ve seen each other grow, change jobs, career paths and try new things.

His name is Jonathan Agomaa. And before I tell you a little bit more about him, I want to give Jonathan a huge shout out and thank you. When the idea of this podcast first came up I asked if he could do a practice round with me so I could get comfortable before I interview more people and he kindly accepted even though he was also nervous. This is the first recording we did and you might notice that the format towards the end is slightly different from the previous episodes (spoiler alert: we pulled an affirmation card instead of the rapid fire qs) there is still so much value in our conversation and I think many will be able to resonate with Jonathan’s journey

One thing I’ve learned this year (if you’re reading from a far future I’m referring to the year 2020) is to ask for help. To lean on each other and vice versa. This year has been very intense for many individually and on a collective. As someone who grew up being praised for their independence, asking and receiving help was a hard lesson to learn. I was always the helper yet I didn’t know how to ask let alone receive help but the beauty is, it’s never too late to start.

So who is Jonathan? He’s a creative designer and art director who specializes in designing interactive experiences, products and brand development initiatives.

He spent his career leapfrogging across Canada while working as a creative for various industries. Ranging from advertising agencies, broadcast/TV, to bricks and mortar retail design. 

Jonathan has prided himself on diversity and curiosity above all else. Never choosing to stay in one spot, in 2019, he chose to leave the life of 9-5, to begin exploring his own personal and professional ventures. 

In today’s episode Jonathan shares:

  • How he fell into design even though he had another career in mind
  • How things were great on paper but not aligned to what mattered to him
  • How burnout made him reevaluate everything he was doing
  • The importance of taking a step back 
  • The lessons he learned from being a digital nomad
  • How adopting a curious mindset has helped him create a life around what he values the most


And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂




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