Da Eun on her sense of identity, mental health and healing through art

Da Eun on her sense of identity, mental health and healing through art

Nov 26, 2020

I am so excited for today’s guest. Da Eun is a dear friend of mine, we met in a previous life, while studying Advertising at OCAD university and became instant friends. Even though we both deviated from that career we’ve learned so much and reflect on the power of knowing what we don’t want.

Da Eun is a Korean-Canadian art therapist practicing on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples aka Vancouver. She works with women of colour living in Canada to navigate what their identity means to them through art making. She strives to bridge interpersonal, cultural and social gaps through the expression of art. She is currently in Vancouver with her husband and rescue dog for the past 5 years. She loves a good noodle soup and plans to drink many london fogs through the upcoming winter weather.

In today’s episode we talked about:

  • Da Eun’s journey in fully embracing her name and identity
  • How her experiences from moving around a lot impacted her sense of self and belonging
  • How she realized she wasn’t aligned to the career she graduated from
  • The comparison game that happens with social media and how it can echo our insecurities
  • How she discovered Art therapy and in the process find her purpose and healing
  • and how she’s coming home to herself



And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂


Da Eun’s Favourite books:

  • The Interpreter by Suki Kim


Find Da Eun here:


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