Human design & Inner work, why our individual process matters

Human design & Inner work, why our individual process matters

Dec 16, 2021

Welcome to the second episode of The Human Design Series! This is the place where we dive deeper into this intricate system, while exploring the nuances and our relationship to human design.

We’re hoping to create a space to learn more about our designs but also foster a playground where we reflect on our realizations, how certain energies show up for us, exploring the gates and channels and help you learn the basics of your design.

We covered a looooot of ground on this episode. We chatted on inner work, healing, human design and wondered how they all connect and fit in. Conclusion? Well, there’s no one answer of course but one of the many overarching themes is the importance of honouring our individual processes. Being able to discern what’s for us and what’s not. And from there we went into a few different vortexes 🤯 🌌. Come join us!



Here are some of the things we talked about this episode:

  • The importance of going through our own process and holding space for others
  • Courtney’s previous life as a facilitator and the lessons she’s weaved in with human design
  • Embracing our need for foundations and embodying what we learn
  • Jes’s experience moving around as she grew up and how the open head and mind came into play
  • Noticing our designs and our dynamic as an MG with Defined Sacral + Throat + G Identity center and a Projector with Defined Heart + Spleen
  • How our Open Centers are so much more than our “vulnerable parts”
  • What does it mean to be in a relationship with ourselves

And so much more!


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