Karolina Rzadkowolska on why she decided to ditch alcohol & how that catapulted her life

Karolina Rzadkowolska on why she decided to ditch alcohol & how that catapulted her life

Feb 17, 2021

Dear reader, what is the one thing you can do that could completely change your life?

But Jess, how can I choose just one thing?

I know, I know hear me out, every thing is energy.

Each action you take leads you somewhere. It can either keep you in alignment or pull you out of it. And alignment is constantly fluctuating, changing with you.

So in a way, every single thing you do, matters. It all adds up. From your first thoughts in the morning to what you’re having for dinner…just keep that in mind.

Today’s guest is someone who identified the one thing that was really holding her back from fully showing up.

Her name is Karolina Rzadkowolska. Karolina is a certified alcohol-free life coach and founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free. She works with health-conscious and personal growth-oriented women who find that their gray-area drinking is not aligned with their deeper values anymore. She helps women transform their relationship with alcohol by experimenting with a break so that they can unlock another level of health, happiness, and potential in their lives and find new passions and purpose.

Karolina has been alcohol-free since February 2018, and has used her empowering AF identity to achieve her greatest dreams, including working for herself while making an impact, building her passion business, and writing a book (Euphoric will be out in bookstores in January 2022). In addition to working with soul-seekers to transform their relationships with alcohol, she also specializes in the beautiful aftermath of finding freedom: giving voice to new dreams and goals. Karolina lives in San Diego with her husband and sweet Samoyed.


In today’s episode Karolina shares:

  • How alcohol became this magical elixir for her as a teenager to be more open and extroverted
  • Noticing how her weekend drinking was affecting other areas of her life
  • Getting into the root of her limiting beliefs associated with alcohol
  • Stumbling upon scientific studies that explained why she felt the way she did from alcohol (hint hint it affects our pleasure system)
  • The social pressure, stigma and dialogue around alcohol
  • How giving up alcohol has opened her up for more possibilities and ways of being

Rather you’re interested in an alcohol free life or just curious about it, come join this inspiring conversation!


And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂




  • The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks




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