Kate Marolt on embracing our divinity and chaos

Kate Marolt on embracing our divinity and chaos

Mar 6, 2024

Today’s episode is with a dear friend, Kate Marolt. She’s a 3/6 Self-Projected Projector and we chatted about yoga, embodiment and what is looks like to embrace our divinity and chaos. It’s not always easy to look into our depths but with enough practice, the process becomes a little bit less complex as we navigate the highs and lows of life.

Kate is an intuitive coach and somatic practitioner and facilitator who creates spaces for your whole self to come alive and thrive.


In this conversation we explored:

  • Self care, embodiment and Kate’s personal healing journey
  • Meeting & holding space for the new versions for ourselves as we shed old identities
  • Grieving and building a relationship with these complex parts of ourselves
  • Creativity amid limitations
  • Embracing uncertainty as we tend to our health and capacity
  • Working with our courage and joy as we go through cycles of rebirth




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