Deconditioning my pressure centers and running my own business

Deconditioning my pressure centers and running my own business

Mar 19, 2024

Today’s soundbite episode is a little reflection that was stirred up towards the Virgo full moon which happened around the end of February 2024.

So many ponderings around my conditioning and the pressure to get certainty.

In this episode I touched on:

  • The to find certainty in my business, to create out of external pressure and fears
  • How my completely open head, ajna and undefined pressure centers can run the show
  • The difference between creating from a place of trust, curiosity vs. to make something happen
  • The cycles of creation
  • Technical sides of how I run Whole & Unleashed from the programs I use to what I create
  • The expressions of my throat center
  • How my writing has evolved as I honoured my energetic flows




Listen to our chat



My HD chart


Expression of the Throat center post




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What was your takeaway from today’s episode?

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