Expansion Session on informing and initiating with a 4/1 Manifestor with projected channels

Expansion Session on informing and initiating with a 4/1 Manifestor with projected channels

Mar 27, 2024

Today’s conversation was recorded during summer of 2023. Jana a 4/1 Splenic Manifestor wrote in the following:

I often struggle with the combination of a strong drive and few defined motor centers. I would love to discuss informing and ways of getting support that are well matched with my profile. Right now I’m in the process of making the jump from having a small supporting job alongside my freelance business (around meditation, mindfulness and yoga) and I’m all about creating structures, schedules and offers that support my energy with all its ebbs and flows.


She’s hoping to find clarity with:

Informing. All the big important opportunities in my life came to me either through social media or my network. I find it tricky to figure out how to connect with people and share all the amazing new creations I’m constantly working on without being drained and/or making my friends feel that I am using them or don’t care about them, because I don’t want to connect all the time.”



Jana’s chart

Here’s what we explore in this session:

  • How informing can look like and what it isn’t about
  • The fixedness of the 4/1 juxtaposition profile, the aloofness that often comes with it
  • Being an indirect Manifestor, with two projected channels. Now this doesn’t mean she’s here to act as a projector, but rather discerning how this nuance informs her energetic expression. If you’re reading the blog or watching this, I’ll include her chart up throughout so you can reference the what we’re talking about
  • Her concerns about not being soft enough
  • Her Gate 5, along with her 4/1, the importance of having very specific routines, rituals to ground herself. How to relish in her fixedness instead of seeing it as a bad thing
  • Her completely open G center and how that guides her along with her 48-16 channel of the wavelength



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