Cycles and Patterns in Human Design

Cycles and Patterns in Human Design

Nov 24, 2022

Today I wanted to talk about our cycles & patterns in the context of Human Design.

We all go through different cycles and patterns on a personal and collective level. Right now, you might find yourself in a series of personal cycles that could be career focused, relationship dynamics, healing etc.

Here are some examples:


Personal Cycles

  • 7 year cell cycle
  • Personal deconditioning
  • 6 profile phase
  • Saturn return
  • If you’re someone who menstruates theres also the phases of our menstrual cycle

Collective Cycles

  • Seasons in nature
  • Astrological movements
  • Moon phases, eclipses
  • Disruptions of old societal systems around us
  • Cross of Planning for the past 400 years moving towards Cross of Phoenix in 2027


No matter where we’re at, we’re influenced by these collective events.

Even in our personal cycles, it’s not something we get to necessarily control or plan. Because they’ll last, as long as they’ll last. We’re simply in them and the awareness can help inform us on what lessons are to be learnt or what we need to do to take care of ourselves during these times.

It’s also such a wonderful example that we’re not here to be always *on*. There are periods of rest intertwined with sporadic creation, an incubation period and then maybe a time to share be *out there*.

The more we’re able to honour own own cycles, patterns that easier it is to surrender to that phase and take care of ourselves as we adapt and mutate 😉

Because we’re not here to *do* all the time. There are times where we’re being guided to rest and other times to externalize.


Some examples by Human Design types below

Here’s an example of Manifestor cycles:

Manifestors are here to initiate, to make an impact. Their strategy is to inform before they make a decision. That being said, it doesn’t mean they get to initiate whenever they want.

  • Manifestors cycle between initiating and resting
  • Initiating takes up a lot of energy, without a sacral to sustain it, when you feel like you’re winding down it’s important you allow yourself to slow down and “hand it off” (or come back to it later)
  • Resting does not mean doing nothing, it’s the period where you wind up before the next thing. A space to get inspired, ideas on your next steps
  • This incubation period can last anywhere between days, hours, weeks or months
  • Creating a work/rest cycle that supports regeneration and restoration
  • Give yourself space to do your own thing
  • Consider your profile and definition as well

Are you a Manifestor? What would you add to this list?


Here’s an example of Generator & Manifesting Generators cycles:

Generators and MGs are here to generate, sustain life. Their strategy is to respond to what their aura pulls in.

Their life force energy is meant to be channeled and sustained through doing what they find joy, excitement, pleasure in.

Even though I’m sharing about both Generators and MGs here, know that their pacing and focus might differ from each other. Generally, Manifesting generators are known to move fast, they might jump from one thing to another while a Generator might be more thorough and takes their time through each thing they commit to.

I’m sharing about the sacral cycle here:

  • Regenerative life-force energy ≠ don’t get tired or don’t need rest
  • Sometimes sacral being’s hit a plateau in their energy, it’s like their sacral winding down after completing a task they’ve committed to, not super responsive
  • In waiting for the next thing, frustration might come up during this time. Simply check-in and see what other areas need your attention, it’s part of your process and nothing wrong with you
  • Sacrals can also get burnout when they ignore their body’s cues, the other parts of their designs
  • There’s also a daily sacral cycle that resets everyday. Ideally should be used up by doing what you enjoy, moving your body so you go to bed exhausted
  • Consider your profile and definition as well

Are you a Generator or Manifesting Generator? What would you add to this list?


Here’s an example of a Projector’s cycle:

Projectors are here to guide, their strategy is to wait for the invitation to do so.

  • With your penetrating aura, you take in the other and can hold on to their energies if you’re not mindful
  • Without a defined sacral your energy comes in bursts. That burst may last a few hours, a few weeks and then resting period after that
  • Discern what invitations are aligned. When to guide and when to rest
  • Notice if you’re operating on an excess amplified sacral. Is your body exhausted when you pause & slow down?
  • How can you nourish yourself in those times? Go for a walk, nap, gentle stretches. How do you take care of yourself before the next invitation?
  • Are you spending time in places where you’re recognized? How does recognition feel in your body? Difference between the right recognition vs. mental
  • Consider your profile and definition as well

Are you a Projector? What would you add to this list?


Here’s an example of Reflector cycle:

Reflectors are a reflection of the health of their environment. Their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle, which gives them the time to move through different definitions and gather insights.

  • Even though you’re meant to be fluid in your 28 day cycle, what are some grounding practices you can lean on? What are some rituals that can support you?
  • Might feel the tension of wanting to be around people and needing alone time. Look into your profile, how does your energy want to move?
  • How do you give yourself the time and space to be?
  • How can you move around different energies and see which ones feel the most nourishing?
  • Not every decision needs a 28 day cycle. You may know what’s correct in your body. 28 days is a suggestion. Be careful of subscribing to the belief that you would be making a mistake when you don’t wait.
  • Slow down, to be with your energies. You’re not here to move fast like the rest of the world, give yourself space to stand back and observe.

Are you a Reflector? What would you add to this list?


Remember this is just a tiny component of our designs. Knowing what cycles we’re at can help us support ourselves better.


Interested in exploring more? Check out my Coming home container. A 3 month experience into the centers, gates, channels, circuitry and more!

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