Expansion Session: shifting gears and slowing down to gain clarity

Expansion Session: shifting gears and slowing down to gain clarity

Nov 15, 2022


In this latest session, I’m joined by Kim. A self-projected projector on shifting gears and slowing down to gain clarity about her next steps as a business owner

The more uncertain and unstable we feel the more pressure we put on ourselves to figure out the next steps. But the thing is, the more we push, the more stuck we feel. It’s usually stepping away from what’s causing us anxiety or turmoil that we’re able to then gain more clarity.

We all go through so many cycles and transitions throughout our lives. Sometimes it’s our choice, other times we’re not so gently nudged into that direction. This session unpacks the energies Kim have been navigating throughout her life and in the recent months.


Here’s what this guest wrote in for the session:

“It’s 3 am. For the second night in a row I’m wide awake at this time. While I looked up my chart a year ago, it’s only been in the last week that I’m being pulled (hard) towards diving deeper. I’m a projector but that’s all I know. I crashed hard in January of this year from burnout of running two successful business and this weekend I am walking completely away from one of them. I was led to your site from a Facebook post on human design and when I read the show notes for “how I started a podcast to help me heal”. I just melted. Starting a podcast has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I keep getting hits of “tell your story” “help others tell theirs” but I’m just so scared of being openly raw while simultaneously feeling like this is it. Every fiber of me is calling me to do it as if it’s the gateway to full bloom. ”

The area that she’s seeking clarity and support from are:

“My self worth. Channeling the right energy to avoid burnout. Feeling confident again. I want to get heart centered and heart open. I want to share my gifts and open myself to receiving the gifts of others. ”



In today’s Expansion Session with Kim we touch on:

  • What it’s like to be a self-projected projector and how her self projected authority plays out for her
  • Her 43-23 channel and staying true to herself even when it’s been isolating at times
  • Her 1/4 profile: her current foundations and how the people she knows is already leading her to her next step
  • Her current community needs and wants
  • The channel 33-13 channel of the prodigal and her pull to history and sharing stories
  • Opportunities as a 4th line: recognition, invitation and authority plus friendliness fatigue and sassiness
  • Gate 42, Gate of Growth in her Venus and Mars
  • What does it mean to be “non-emotional”, not having the solar plexus defined?





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