New Human Design Series w/ Courtney: HD origins and intro to 9 centers

New Human Design Series w/ Courtney: HD origins and intro to 9 centers

Nov 18, 2021

So excited to introduce my dear friend Courtney Ball as my Human Design Series Co-host! The Human Design Series is where we’ll be diving deep into this intricate system, exploring our relationship to it and also help breakdown the elements of our bodygraph such as type, strategy, authority, profile etc.

We’re hoping to create a space to learn more about our designs but also foster a playground where we reflect on our realizations, how certain energies show up for us, exploring the gates and channels and help you learn the basics of your design.

Come explore with us!


In today’s conversation we talked about:

  • How we found Human Design
  • The origins and components of Human Design, what ancient established system it’s based on
  • An introduction to defined, undefined centers and 9 centers


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