Hierarchy for Learning Human Design

Hierarchy for Learning Human Design

Sep 15, 2021

Part 1 of the Deconstructing your Human Design chart series.

So you’ve downloaded your chart and have no clue where to start. At least that’s how I felt. All this information could be incredibly valuable but we’re not meant to digest and process it all in one bite. After all this is about understanding your energetics and mechanics of how that energy moves and wants to be expressed! 

So here’s a hierarchy graphic to help you build your foundations as you expand into your chart. 

The first and main layer of Human Design is understanding and mastering your type + strategy + authority. That’s enough to start aligning your energetics, you don’t need to go deep and learn about all the nuances (unless you feel pulled to of course)

1. Your type:

There are currently 5 types. Each type fulfills a unique role, we’re like puzzle pieces that are part of a whole. There’s Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector



You’re the spark that initiates energy. You’re an innovator and trailblazer. Here to start things–and not necessarily finish.


You spread and amplify energy. You’re here to be lit up by what you do and in turn your energy lights up those around you.

Manifesting Generator

You magnify the energy around you. You’re here to initiate like a manifestor and be lit up like a generator. You have the energy to do the things that excite you.


You guide and alchemize energy. You’re a natural guide. Here to see others deeply and show a better way.


You reveal and echo energy. You are open and receptive. Here to reflect back to us. You are a reflection of your environment.

2. Strategy:

Each type has their own aura (energy field). The strategy is about the nature of your aura and how it interacts with others.


To inform. Your aura is closed and repelling which means you push what’s not aligned to you. Informing will bring you the resources you need and remove resistance


Waiting to respond. Your aura is naturally pulling things towards you, you get to choose what excites you.

Manifesting Generator

To respond to life before initiating energy. it could also be helpful to inform after you’ve made a decision. Your aura has the same principles as the Generator aura.


Waiting for an invitation. Your aura is deep and penetrating but in order to guide properly it’s important that you’re recognized and given permission first.


Waiting a Lunar cycle. Because of your openness you have a resistant aura that is designed to sample and reflect what’s around you. Waiting a lunar cycle will give you clarity to discern what’s yours.


3. Authority:

Your authority is your inner guidance, your intuition per se. It’s about moving away from the mind to make decisions and instead connect to your inner compass and process.

The Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral, Splenic, Ego are all inner authorities.

There is also Lunar authority for Reflectors. And for some projectors their authority might be environmental or self-projected. (We’ll get into more details on these in the next few posts)

Find out more about authorities here



4. Not self and signature themes:

I included this as part of the foundation because they could be such a good indicator of whether you’re living by your design or not. The not-self emotions are unique to each type and same goes for signature theme. Human Design is to be experienced, there is no wrong! So even when you’re feeling the not-self signatures it’s an invitation to see what might be blocking the flow


Not-Self theme: Anger

Signature theme: Peace


Not-Self theme: Frustration

Signature theme: Satisfaction

Manifesting Generator

Not-Self theme: Anger + Frustration

Signature theme: Peace + Satisfaction


Not-Self theme: Bitterness

Signature theme: Success


Not-Self theme: Disappointment

Signature theme: Surprise

Phew! I don’t know about you but that was quite dense. We’ll be going into details on how all these pieces connect.

How are you feeling about this so far? Is this helpful?

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  1. D'Lana says:

    This is amazing and well put together. I appreciate you and your work.

    • Jes says:

      Thank you for your kind comment D’lana! Aiming to make things useful and easier to digest 🙂

  2. Karrin says:

    This was a fantastic easy way to help understand the basics of HD!

  3. bc says:

    just found out about this Human Design thingy hours ago, but i have had a decent amount study concerning the underlying source material that it is loosely based on, and their philosophies/cosmologies.

    i am also student/observer of the world today (its superficialities included), and so understand much of this now already, which is probably why i could put it in more direct terms than most explanations tend to provide:

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

    manifestor – narcissist (supposed to be leader, but rarely is)
    generator – clone of the narcissist (aka front man/women, or proxy – think the U.S President)
    projector – henchman (guard dog of the herd – aka, often bullies, unless you go along with the program – in which case they are rather helpful and supportive… good people)
    reflector – outcast, scapegoat (apparently fortunate enough here to make the role of shaman; often taking it for the “team”, and having nothing but good to say about it all)

    for reflector, also see HD definition for “heretic”, but think w/ a not so successful outcome. or, if you want to be all optimistic, you could think of “martyr”, with a slightly better outcome.

    either way, rather than eventually becoming “role model”, they would not excel as “opportunist” to where they might gain a following for what they found as “investigator”, and would settle for, and solidify within, the role type of “reflector”.

    which, by the way, brings up the insight that the “profiles” refer not so much to individual archetypes as they do to phases in a process. the type becomes a consequence of how far along you get in that process.

    the profiles, in general:

    investigator generator
    martyr reflector


    heretic projector
    role model manifestor

    the outcome = a corporate cult, where people are equivocated to components within a machine. I noticed that emotions are given negative connotation (or maybe even better to say total dissociation, specifically since they are tagged with the label of being “not self”) and what I would call the “cure” (or the implied “self”) is external validation [aka “signature”, or maybe the signing off of approval], rather than an a more internal resolution.

    Rings a bit of NLP, another western world adventure into things that it is only capable of halfway understanding, and which itself is shorthand for brainwashing – my mistake, it is now more euphemistically called “thought reform”. or maybe you prefer “induced attitudinal change”, but I guess which ever one suits your favor.

    I only suggest this because the “not self” emotions look a lot like the pain/guilt part of the ‘thought reform’ process, where the subsequent “signatures” just so happen to look a lot like the channeling and release of guilt.

    Eastern concepts in order to fulfill western agendas. which would be fine if all is well directed with wisdom, but that might be a bit questionable.

    knowledge, and how this can be used advantageously for the gain of a few, is not going to be enough, where there is almost invariably a weakness in the will to account for the many – at least in the will to do so any further than what entails a clear personal benefit as the prime motivation.

    altogether, at least in regard to this pre-rigged system, i guess all this so far would make me closest to being a “reflector” (that is, if I actually wanted to be a part of this half-baked corruption of esoteric principles).

    No need to thank me, but you are welcome anyhow.